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A home heating system that operates cleanly & totally free.

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A free souce of energy for your Life. 


This is a free source of energy to heat your home. People are buying these units, not only to heat their homes, but pools, hotwater cylinders, spa pools, 

Underfloor heating systems, and radiators without the use of  any power.

Saving thousands in power bills.

We have had to build  bigger wetbacks over the total range, as people are wanting more water heated for free.

So the new system now has 20mm copper pipes running the the full length inside the furnace. Each pipe will be 450 mm long, we now fit two lengths of 20 mm copper pipe, giving more volume, This makes it now a .900 m x 40 mm flow. 

Another length of 450 mm long pipe would service the hot water for the house, and the maybe another two lengths at  plumbed in to service the spa pool heating. 

We sell our heater/furnaces from $387.62 USD or $500.00 NZD.

Freight is approx $70.00 for the length of the North Island, and $90.00 for the South Island of New Zealand.  

If you're from overseas, the cheapest way to get your heater, is to purchase our building plans, for only.

It comes as a PDF file. 


This comes with free email support until you have finished the build. 

It will be emailed to you asap.


Feedback from a customer who brought our plans off this site, and has built it, and is now heating his spar pool.

Great trader. If ya thinking of havin a go at makin one of these drip fed waste oil heaters, don't hesitate as the end result works really well and ain't that hard to do. Cheers for your help Rewi.

Rewi's Build, is shown on the customer waste oil heaters Tab.

Buy the plans as a christmas present for a friend that may have said they are interested in this free heating system.

            We will giftware it and pop a christmas theme around it and send it to the email address you supply with a Merry Christmas From You

(: Keep Warm :)  

This website is current and up to date.
With prices in US dollars with NZ dollars.

Day & Time: Friday 19th December 3.18 pm New Zealand Time. 

To all that view this site, to the customer who have purchased heaters & Plans.
Thankyou for your support over the year.
From the team at Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating ,com

The pool boiler. Priced at $2500.00 for any pool over 20,00 litres has 4.4 meters of 20 mm copper pipe wetback inside, complete with quality bass fittings.

The four wetbacks showing the hot outlet pipes.

This is certainly going to heat that 60,000 litre pool with ease.

Just purchased some more 45 kg Gas bottles, so if your in the market for a new large pool heater capable of heating 80,000 litre pools, then we can start it January 16th 2015.
Just contact us via the form below, and we'll be in contact asap.
These bottles are like hens teeth to buy, so get in quick and put your name on your one as there is only two.

Thanks Hamish
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Two more drip fed pool and spa heaters on there way to their new owners. Be the first to order your heater for 2015 .

   Thanks to everyone whom have purchased heaters and plans, this little invention/hobby has taking flight.

Roll on next year.

Have a great break see you all in the New Year.

Remember we never close, always able to take your email and enquires 24/7

There's one inlet which is the long tube and the outlet which is the shorter tube so we only get the oil from the top of the jar.
nother water separator built, and installed to take the water out of the oil. I have picked up a lot of hydraulic oil which looks a little milky so to beable to burn this oiI, I need one to remove the water and rubbish that's in it.  Two so I could see threw it to the oil and check water levels.

Holder looking cheap & tacky so had to make a proper one for this website.

Holder still Looking cheap but not tacky.

Should you wish to purchase the 2 bulk heads used in the screw cap lid they are $36.00 for 2, plus a $6.00 Courier Post track and Trace bag, NZ wide. 

The larger wetbacks now fitted into all hot pot 9 heater to enable pool heating up to 20,000 litres.

Two cold feeds in at the bottom and two hot pipes outlets at the top, giving a 40mm diameter wetback.

If you put another length of pipe in it, it could heat your hotwater cylinder too.

I would think it could take 4-6 lengths of pipe inside for water heating.

And yet another one off to the Bay of Islands to heat their swimming pool for free. The Production team working well in making these heaters for orders. Order yours before Christmas, only 20 days and we will be closed for a couple of weeks.

Another large pool heater built, still the same size wetback inside it as the 45 KG ones, but smaller in looks. Needs more paint on it. The wetback is on the ground behind it which needs putting inside and it will be off to Waverley to heat a 60,000 litre pool and pool area.  

Three heaters almost finished just require painting and wetbacks  to be installed in all 3, and they will be on there ways to their new owners by the end of the week. 

The large on at the front is going to be heating a 60,000 litre swimming pool.
 The two smaller ones in the background is to heat 16,000 litre pools.

If your in the market for a pool heater that heats your pool for free, and is about the cheapest around get in touch an we would love to build it for you before christmas.

All welds checked and buffed.

 Pot we have buffed off all paint. and  re-painted with heatproof paint.

Very tidy. Just needs the two wetbacks fitted and another one will be on it's way to it's buyer. Free pool heating at it's best.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Just some advice, incase you are thinking doing what i did today. 

Acetylene bottle looks great for the job, however after letting out the gas which isn't nice stuff at all, and it keeps on going & going to the point where it doesn't stop

I removed the tap and the flashback resister to find white stuff inside. 

Checked the internet before going any further and found it was long grain asbestos, replaced the tap and put it outside. 

Don't use these they are full to the brim of asbestos to stable the acetylene gas & and the gas sits on pockets inside the asbestos and will never stopp coming out.

A real no no. It's gone back.

A real waste of a day. 

So hence I'm in the market for a 45KG empty LPG bottle, if you have one for sale please get in contact I can pick up anywhere in the north Island of NZ.

I fact I need  them all the time so if you come across one get in contact. I'll send my freight company I use to collect.

Click on this image to purchase your plans 

at only $21.00 USD or $27.00 NZD.

There is 3 emails that will be sent to you.

It comes with free email help until you have built it.

Times are getting tough out there,  job looses are huge, and hard to find another one, money's becoming tight for alot of us, but at least we can keep or homes warm and it doesn't cost anything to run it.

In our house we use a 9kg gas bottle for the cooking hob which lasts a while, and no gas for heating and no firewood. 

So our demand for gas heating really has been an expensive act at $220, every 6-8 weeks for two 45kg gas bottles, the Rinnai gas fire, which looks great in stainless steel, but just sucks that gas and the dollars so quick.

Something had to change and fast, and luckily I've made the change with this waste oil heater, we haven't had to buy those large gas bottles again it's been a huge saving.

Once you have the heater and maybe even one radiator is enough to heat your home, two would be better but that could be extended later when money allows.

 You can pick up reasonable priced new radiators, and the really old beautiful cast iron ones that look amazing restored but these are normally expensive even covered in rust.

Be careful when buying the old ones they can leak at the joints.

If your thinking twice about plumbing and if your local, get in contact and maybe I can even help with the plumbing side of the installation.

So I know that your spar pool is costing huge money just to heat it.

Maybe you should check this heating system out a little more.

After talking to a guy yesterday about his spa pool and the cost to heat it, he said the cost to run his spa pool was something like $50.00 dollars a week. That's an additional $200.00 dollars a month ontop of your power account, $2400.00 a year.  Why are they so expensive to run. If you used a waste oil heater at only $640.00 with a wetback you would save $1,800.00 in the first year and 2,400.00 every year after that. That's a nice saving. Actually that's a huge saving.

The guy I mentioned removed the spa pool, and gave it away as he couldn't justify spending that a week to heat it. Shame really, don't let this happen to you, get yourself a waste oil heater for this summer and start saving big money.

In the beginning I searched the net looking on how to heat my home for nothing, it seemed almost impossible, solar heating wasn't the way to go because when it's freezing cold solar doesn't work at all. I know i have solar hotwater.

There where guys out there with flame throwers of all shapes and sizes using waste oil to melt aluminium which wasn't the safest option for inside my new home, I did find all sorts of ideas that sort of worked, but not quite, so I started potting around with the idea of using this free waste oil which at the time seemed a little like burning car tyres to me, and after living under a black cloud, for quite a few weeks  I finally cracked it, So designed it, test it, cut it up and turned it upside down tested it again, and built it, tested and tested and tested some more, now construct these free heating systems for you to order, so here they are for the whole world to see and save on their power heating bills. 

So now these work especially well when it's raining, freezing cold, cloudy, and  just miserable, unlike solar and it works for free. Its safe and clean burning. There still is a little smoke at startup but that disappears quickly as it heats up.

It will not only heat your home for free, but it will also heat your hotwater needs too.
Some people have even got it heating their spa pool, and when that's hot enough by turning a tap, it heats the hotwater cylinder.

 We've heated our home, with this drip fed waste oil heater for the past two years, and I'm still  amazed by the clean heat these heaters pump out, its just incredible. I lite mine last night the furnace was running at 167 degrees Celsius and the radiator was pumping out at 43 degrees Celsius, the house was so so warm, just beautiful. No Smoke at all, in fact you couldn't even tell if it was going by looking at the flue.

Once you have purchased one of these waste oil heaters, all your heating is free, saving, hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy bills year after year. Imagine not having to pay for hotwater, that's already a third of your power account. In a normal household you would be looking at $1600 dollars a year, plus no heating bills, well that's  $1800.00 per year just in heating & water bills alone, without going into a dryer  healthier home with no mould, no colds or flues.
What are we selling this for $27.00NZD or $21.00 USD to build your own, or from $540.00 NZD already built for you. 

I spoke to a customer who purchased the plans and built his own heater, at the Supermarket last night, asked him how his heater was going. His replied he was absolutely rapped with it, and he had already burn't 100 litres of waste oil, clean burning too. It heats his whole workshop for free. He said, he was so happy with it and couldn't believe it was all free. He also said all his mates want one now.

We build heaters and send them New Zealand wide, and we sell plans worldwide, on how to build your very own free heat system. At $27NZ or $21.00 USD we aren't exactly asking much for our invention, but we do want you to know how to build your own, as it's the only way people will get to use the product world wide and save money. 
And really that's what this is all about. There has to be another way and I think this just maybe it. 

This smaller waste oil heaters heats a 3 bedroom 2 storied home totally free and cleanly.

We would like to offer this proven free heating system to everyone worldwide, however I do think burning fossil fuel is wrong, although you can see with your own eyes from these videos, these can and do burn cleanly, and for very long hours without much participation or input, unlike a wood fire. 

I do ask of the buyer of the plans, when they do decide to build it  please use a needle valve with these the whole system works perfectly. Heat levels stay the same and only may alter 3 degrees over a 6 hour burning period. 
The heater runs on waste oil, burning either canola oil or waste engine oil, it will burn these cleanly, and these oils are available free, from your local fish n chip shop, bakery, or the gas station where you get your car serviced. Or if you have you own supply of waste oil convert it all into heat.
Heat that work area for free, get better production from your staff, lets face it, you'll always work better when your warm, than freezing cold..

We are here to show the world another form of free clean energy, that will keep you warm when its dark, cold, snowing, wet and raining and even if the power cuts out.
This form of heating has been around for years and is still being used worldwide, infact 80% of the world waste oils are burnt for heating.

Please enjoy this free-energy website.
I wouldn't think there would be many on the net offering this free energy. 

The only price you pay is either for the heater itself or the plans to build your own heat source. And never again will you pay a cent for you home heating or hotwater requirements. The build is easy to do for the average person, with a little knowledge in welding could make it in three days and that's taking your time. 

If you need help at any time during the build, my email is open 24/7 to help you and its all free.
If you would like to know anything at all, please fill out the forms below and we'll get back to you asap. 
The Drip Fed Waste oil Heating Team.


The Back to Bones Heater Deal.
This unit is cut down for the home handyman that already has a flue and copper tubing.
It heater comes without the flue or oil feed basic heater only. All the parts are still on the heater to attach the oil feed and the flue to.
Selling at only $345 NZDollars or $270 USDollars.
It will still come with thermometer & gloves and our free email help service. 


If you don't have a Paypal Account, then please fill the form below so we will look at other way to complete your purchase. Or when you go through to the Paypal system the option for credit cards or direct bank payments are also available just below the main screen. If you have trouble get in touch.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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This is the image we get in our minds when people talk about waste oil heating, smoking out, not just you nearest neighbours but the whole town. Well, it's the completely the opposite, to what you see here under a waste oil heater, no smoke should be seen when operated correctly.

This is what we are finding with wood fires, which continue to smoke out our towns, where waste oil heaters burn at higher temperatures and burn a lot cleaner. 

This sieve was cleaned before I poured in 40 litres of waste oil, look at the crap it collected. A very cheap basic filtering system that works amazingly well.

Make sure you filter yours before you burn it as this stuff will block most taps and needle valves up all day long.


Tim has just picked up his new heater/furnace the other day and is excited to get it going. 
In it's per paint stage cleaned and polished now is matt black & ready to heat anything.

Tim got back to me this morning after using it.

Email From Tim
Hi Hamish yes its in the shed and going good been going 4 the last 3 nights and heats the shed up good and nice and quiet.

Thanks heaps Tim

Nigel's new drip fed waste oil heater finished, complete with smoke catcher and with 20mm ladder wetback, ready to forward to the freight company today. Designed for long term burning with the large burning bowl. 
This heater is designed for spa pools and hot tubs with its ladder wetback installed.

-3 degrees tonight, and look who's found the warmest place in the lounge 44 degrees underneath him.  Was a rescued cat, been living wild, now three feeds a day, has his own personal guard dog to break up any cat fights that may happen between him and his pedigree burman brother from another mother.
He just loves the radiator, he's sound asleep on it now.
The radiator is heated  from the drip fed waste oil heater outside. No pumps or power used with these heaters. 

Hendrik's two new drip fed waste oil heaters complete with temperature gauges and the larger pot rather than the frypan, this being for longer burning time. From now on this is what we will be using on all the waste oil heaters this includes the smoke catcher over the tube.
Thanks so much Hendrik  I do hope you will enjoy all that heat. It feels odd this free heating in the beginning however you'll get use to it quite quickly. 

Aaron's new drip fed waste oil heater for his bus is on it's way to Wellington. That Bus is going to be so warm inside. 

Excellent for inside protection over the second burning tub stopping any smoke that might want to go elsewhere but up.
A nice heater  for a bus. 

Ken's huge drip fed waste oil heater finished and sent.

This is going to be his pool heater, a very big unit. For serious heating requirements. Pool size 50,000 litres.

Has a ladder wetback below image inside it.



The wetback going into this 45 KG pool heater above, now to be welded up and about to be installed. Pressure testing and any holes welded up again.

It's over a metre in length total and 220mm wide x 20mm copper pipe.  

Built to heat a large swimming pool.

The Man Cave with another heater packed and off in the

 Waverley. Thankyou Ken.

A few heaters wrapped and ready to be delivered. 

Order yours now.

The other old faithful in my life, she's so Hot she's had a  new lease  of life after doing a 2 year stint without any maintenance on her at all. 
She just keeps on giving us free energy year after year.

The galv flue has been rusting over that time form inside, sending flakes down inside the burning chamber, and  sitting onto any ledges it could find on the way down, stopping it even from lighting up properly. Time for a clean.

So I pulled it out cleaned inside and out, shouted new legs and larger pot, new pot housing, cut the tube off , and cleaned inside re welded it back on. Made a heat proof cocoon from a 44 gallon drum, and re plumbed the wetback, don't know about the blue, we may have to paint that. Fulled the radiator with 6 litres water, then light it up. It's heating at 250 Fahrenheit and the radiator is running at 44C degrees. The oil is running just a slight more that a drip, pouring into the burner. I do like the larger pot rather than the thin frypans. I find ash doesn't become a problem anymore.
The other thing,  I can't hear it going from inside the home. Brilliant  really pleased with it.  Just need to level it up when she cools down. Oh No smoke excellent. I don't think there would be a cheaper heater/furnace on the market, not only to purchase price but the running costs. 
Get yours today and start saving yourself one hell of a lot of money.

Fire in a Can, Safe, Hot, Clean, Free Heating Water, Very Very Efficient and Oh So Quite.

We have them in stock, You could even have one next week. 

A few images of the heater operating at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Waste Oil Heating, Oil, Heating, free home heating, Water heating, free,drip fed waste oil heating, water heating,


Never pour water onto an oil fire, it will explode to 30 feet high.

Use a powder Fire Extinguisher only.

NEVER EVER USE WATER. Just turn off the oil flow and wait till it subsides.

Rain is fine as it doesn't enter the fire. 

Forget Energy-wise tips and tricks in saving energy, this is totally free energy.

We have designed these heaters/boilers that heats your home for free.

You can purchase your new waste oil heater



Here at Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating, we design and construct waste oil heaters for your heating requirements, large and small, for home heating, hot tubs, spa, and radiators even swimming pools.

We can setup a system for your own home, giving you a firm quote,  wether direct heating from the unit or via hot water through radiators.  

Please get in contact should you want more information about this.

Being a free form of heating, the demand is steady, not only for the warmth but their water heating ability. 

Able to be installed outside the home seems to be a great advantage. 

Running on a waste product which normally cost the garage and fish n chip shop money to remove, is available all year around and totally free from alot of these outlets. 

Burning up to 1- 1.2 litres of waste oil an hour you don't need a huge amount to get through the week. One 20 litre container lasts four nights burning with the help of a needle valve now.

Burning cleaner than a wood fire, and the cheaper price, makes them a great option for the outside sheds & workshops,garages, hot tubs and spar pools. 

In New Zealand, we are now coming into spring, and we have had a few very cold winter days and nights, and we will have more for sure, but it is certainly warming up which is nice. Maybe you need to start thinking about this type of heating for next year as the cost of firewood is not a cheap option, I saw a tandem trailer load of gum last week on the side of the road selling for $300.00 how many trailer loads will you burn over winter 3-4-5, these waste oil heaters sell at $550 for just the heating and $650 with water heating capability and 99 percent cleaner burning than the wood fire.


The waste oil heater has been connected to a 1800 mm water radiator inside the lounge. The water thermosyphons up to the radiator then, as it travels along the radiator, it cools and drops back down to the heater to be recycled and reheated again and again all day long. the radiator holds 6 litres of water, we have used 20 mm copper pipe for the piping, which is insulated.

The waste oil heater runs outside at 250-350 degrees F ,and is enough to heat the whole house upstairs after and hour.

It a lovely form of heating, the radiator heats cleanly and within the hour the place is warm but not stinking hot.


Well known for the use of hot houses, there's a lot of interest in these "drip fed waste oil  heaters" and their free heating capability. So long as everything is kept clean from oil and you don't need to touch the stuff it is a great source of free energy. 

Piping it to where the fire is, is a good idea, using taps and drums to contain it. Under the fire we require you to have a catchment area should oil drip at any stage, and it is a councils requirement that storage containers of waste oil do have a catchment area too. 

While we are on safety issues the heater will need cleaning out the every-time you start it and every 10 hours of burning approx this is to stop the ash building up in the frypan.This is only frypans as they don't hold a lot.

We now build them with larger pots. The cleaning of the pan can be done with a screwdriver to flick the ash into a bag to contain it, and keeping everything clean. If you have a pot installed this will last many hours longer. Soot and ash can accumulate up the second burning tube, so it would pay to stick a long screwdriver up inside it from time to time and clean it out. 

The flue will require the odd clean too. It will burn alot cleaner cleaned out regularly.

 I trust my heater to operated a the same temperature, it will not alter. I turn on at 4pm and off 10.30 ish I will check it when starting up other than that.  When I'm finished with it I turn off at the tap, at night and go to bed without checking it is out, it is that reliable and safe.

Selling the complete units are a bit of a hit with my customers. There has been no complaints to date, which is excellent. Mind due, who wouldn't be happy with free heating. Time for change maybe. So long as you have the ideal area for it of course. If waste oil isn't your thing, use canola oil, from your local fish n chip shops, you'll need to filter out the wildlife, chips, sausages and bread crumbs before burning.

I have a few guys building these waste oil heaters, off the plans at the moment, which I'm in contact with weekly, just to see how they are going and checking that they are having success with their build. Check out the customers waste oil heater builds Tab.  

It takes me about 6 trips or so during summer, collecting enough waste oil in 20 litre plastic bottles normally 80 litres at a time to heat the home through all of winter. That's only as I full the car up with petrol. I don't go out of my way to collect it either, and never will pay for it. England has had these types of heaters everywhere doing their bit to remove this oil cleanly from our planet, and it has been around for years so it's not new in anyway, just recycled.

The days of cutting live trees down for firewood and, splitting them up into pieces and storing them under the trees over summer to dry, then moving it to the wood shed then into the fire box then into the fire to burn is finally over. It use to be a major undertaking I know. Now its pull the pan out a bit add 1/2 cup of oil/petrol mix and maybe a piece of rag, light it, and turn the oil flow to where it needs to be and walk away, turn it off at 10.30pm. It's that easy. 

The type of oil that can be used in this heater is engine oil, from cars, or trucks, transmission fluid, diesel, fish & chip shop old waste canola oil. 
Basically it needs to be engine oil without contaminates any oil will work in this heater, and the best of all is all of the above is available locally in large quantities. 

It's the kind of heater, I trust, I can leave it for hours, go into town come back and it's sill the same temperture as when you left. It doesn't alter, once you have it set. I use a brass needle valve/air line taps for the oil feed. Needle valves makes waste oil burning safer. So if you are making one just from the website please invest in a needle valve, they are not cheap, but well worth it. It has to be totally safe. A catchment area under your fire for any spills/cleaning that may or may not happen. Be vigilant about the place you install it.

 Even though its safe you still need to be careful.  

If you are thinking of heating your home with it, I would suggest that the heater be placed outside the home, and screwed on a concrete pad with a red brick firewall surround and a roof of sorts, and running hotwater pipes inside to radiators inside the home.

If you are thinking of heating that cold shed/garage then install it inside the shed for its radiant heating ability away from anything combustible of course maybe even a corrugated fire proofing around the back of it. 

Waste oil heater plans for sale.

Make your very own free heating system.

Get it right from the start.

We are basically  giving you a way to heat your home and  hot water, requirements year after year, totally free for $27 NZ dollars.

No one gives these secrets away for just $27.00 dollars.

It took two years working on this to work out who to burn oil cleanly. 

And now we think everyone needs to know this form of free heating.

Waste to Wealth.

Did you know 80% of the worlds waste oil is burnt for heating.

 By now, you would have seen all those smoke puffing waste oil heaters on youtube, some work, and work almost too well, a lot don't and there are some that should never been filmed.

They are so prod of there creation and yet the smoke levels are just horrific.

We've done the hard yards for you, we sell waste oil heater plans & complete heaters units, with and without wetbacks, that are proven to work with very little smoke, and they can heat your home totally free.

These heaters as they will give years of free heating.

Cleaning the inside out every two years isn't to much of a mission.

Remove the flue and suck out anything that may have come down the chimney and sat inside the edge of the bottle. 

Check the holes are open, clean down and repaint it good for another couple of years.

My thoughts are, do it right from the start.

The hot pot 9 will do everything you ever wanted in a waste oil heater.

From heating your water and the air around you.

The plans come complete with images on how to build it and explains exactly how to build it properly and where to source the products.

A lot of these bits that we use most people would have around their home rusting.

A gas bottle some flue your half way there.

The last guy said to me it cost him $10.00 for the 150mm tube and 38.00 dollars for the copper oil feed and tap, all the rest of the stuff he had laying around his home.

And when I went to see it, he had it all painted up and going.

I will help you throughout the build so you get it right the first time.


$27.00 NZ Dollars only

$21.00 USDollars.

Currency Converter Link

After you have purchased your plans, I'm notified via Paypal that your payment has gone through.

I then send them to you via email.

I do send by post but only if no other way, email only.

There is a $5.00 extra for postage & stationary, printing.

Once you have received them, please send me an email to confirm you have them.


An email from our customers: 

Thanks for this Hamish, -   Brad here from Melbourne Australia

Hopefully I get make one of these,  I'm a bit tied up with a few things at
the moment though,  (... and I can be a bit of a " gunna " lol )

I decided to buy your plans purely because it appears to me that you've done your homework, and that its a tried and proven design.
and I'm sure you wouldn't be selling if they weren't,....

I particularly like the fact that that there is very minimal smoke etc. that is a must these days..

I have one question please, I was hoping to make a slightly more compact
version, not so high overall about 300mm - 400mm shorter in height

Is this possible by shortening the legs slightly, and also the burn tube etc.  without effecting its efficciency much....? 

Thanks Hamish,


Hi Hamish,

The plans look really good and i can see you have put some considerable thought into them.
Thanks again for the plans.

Hi Hamish
Yes, 99% smoke free. Runs cleaner than my home log burner definitely. I added another 1.5m of flu I found at the dump and that made all the difference. Draws better, burns cleaner. Only smokes on start up really and if I get  a bit of water in my oil. Only issues I'm having are with my fuel feed line getting blocked now and again so I'm going to start filtering my sump oil somehow, probably just a mesh strainer. 
To run this hot tub in winter on electricity would be $70-$100 a week! No chance. I got the tub for free from a bloke who couldn't afford to run it anymore. I'm really thinking about if I extend my house one day I'll get another one for a house radiator, it's so good.


I've welded all the holes in the tube now look going it almost is impossible to do have a fire with nothing coming out the chimney. The only problem with is it doesn't get up to 400 degrees F so holes where put back into it and is still smoke free and heats my house.


Radiators provide radiant heating. That means a solid object (in this case, the radiator fins) is heated instead of the air itself – creating gentle, ambient warmth that evenly heats the room.

Central heating radiator design has come a long way since the institutional school heaters of old; today’s models come in a range of styles and sizes to suit all kinds of interiors. They can be linked to a variety of boiler or waste oil heater, heating systems and are free to run, when linked to an energy-efficient water heater, like a hot water waste oil heater.

Radiator heating is an excellent option for existing homes because they can be easily retrofitted to your existing heating system.

Even Pussy Cats around the world are logging on to this website to finding out more about this free heating system from
Drip Fed.

I want to show you how easy it is to heat your home totally free this winter, and without smoke or loads of firewood or power or gas. It's a clean burning waste oil heater, you don't believe me, then watch this video.

I say free heating but there is an initial cost of setting it up. 

An estimate in having this setup in your home with radiators is approximately $2250.00 and that's all never to spend a dollar more for you're heating. The oil you would need to collect. Which could be done from your local fish n chip shop or local garage of if you are local I could even share my supply of oil as there is just so much of it.

Radiator Heat settings

Oil Boiler Temp        Radiator Temp

350 Fahrenheit      42 Celsius                    

This is the temperature I get from the waste oil heater running at 350 Fahrenheit and the corresponding temps the radiator inside the lounge is pumping out 43 Celsius. 

The fire/Heater was removed today, and 20 mm holes drilled, for copper pipe to be inserted through the 150 mm tube and into the garage, and then up to the radiator. It will thermosyphon by itself so no pump will be required or pressure release valves either.

 I used Crox fitting and hemp and graphite for the whole job.

The Radiator is now plumbed in and was tested to see if it could make steam, on  low fire heat setting, and Steam it made.


I used 20 mm copper piping there is only 2 x 150 mm of it through 150 mm tube with the holes in it. I had the plumbing guy in, with the delivery of copper pipe and he was amazed at how I made steam from the waste oil boiler totally free. 

The copper pipe and fitting were expensive. Got it all going and it now it heats the whole house totally FREE. See the video to the left. As it's not conected to the main a pressure release valve wasn't required.

 I ran it for 6 hours, the whole house got that hot, I had to open windows and doors to cool down, roll on winter I'm ready for you.

 I was amazed the cats weren't lying on each end fast asleep. It'll Happen!! 


The wetback system constructed with 20 mm copper Pipe and crox fittings and that's enough to heat our house amazing eh. The waste oil heater working hard in all weather, This is one of the oldest waste oil heaters we have made and it has provided us with lots of free heat and been invaluable this year again. A rusty  oldie but a goodie.

It has been outside in all the elements now we have a padio heater cover over it to stop water entering and slowing down the rusting.

I have just pulled it out yesterday and have given her a clean inside and out, Complete with a paint job she's going to go another two years before we do this again. 

Same picture as above but running at 450 degrees F at night, heating the water.


With my heater, has now been operating for the last two years without a clean, now I see soot flakes have started to expel out the flue at start up.

The other night the fire snuffed itself out, it got that bad. S

this morning I cleaned the flue and the burner inside, what came out, blocks of carbon build up and flakes enough to full a bucket, after seeing that, I dought if any nasties get into the air, as it's all kept inside the heater.

So maybe a clean once a year maybe good advice to you guys who have purchased these heaters, and who have built there own.

That's about the recommended time for a wood fire, so as we are looking at "clean burning" it's a good idea.     

I burns very clean now.

This was our waste oil heater for the past two years.

It has been brilliant, all the free heat you would ever want, at times too much heat, just far too powerful for inside our home so it's been sold for pool heating.

 I remember my daughter with her back door wide open in winter, freezing cold, saying "it just too hot dad", Not that it mattered wasting all that heat it was free anyway. 

I started my hot pot 9 heater, popped in the starter fluid, lit it, turned on the oil flow, and within a few minutes realise it was sounding like water was in the oil. The oil had built up ontop of the water, not too much, but enough to startup my own Chernobyl reactor with that sounded of bacon cooking but certainly didn't smell of bacon. 

The temperature whipped up, and the smoke became dark out from the flue, like you were burning tyres, and stand back, I turned the feed off. The wife sticks her head out the window it sounds like a truck coming down the street, You OK she said. I thought, she would be use to that by now, with all the experimenting stages, had a few of these, but with this big oil heater. It started blowing smoke rings out the holes in the tube, very impressive. So don't let the oil build up at all or look out. 

It soon came right and settled down with not a drop of oil floating in the pan just glowing ash. So this is how these should burn. 

I must say that the water trap works so well, I haven't ever had that problem again. 

I have tried the hot pot 9 burners with the bigger pots, and have tested them to see if this would happen, and I wasn't able to get the chernobyl reactor going in these, it just smoked a little bit, but didn't go into that burn off stage which is great. This is when you need a catchment area incase you supply more oil into the fire than it can burn and start overflowing from the pot. Cause waste oil is a awful stuff to clean up.   


Fuel sources:    Energy content

* diesel             (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* biodiesel        (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

* kerosene       (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* trans / motor oil (~150,000 BTU/gallon) Waste oil.

* vegetable oil (WVO) (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

*Corn at 13% moisture ~ 7,316 BTU per pound

*Wood pellets vary ~ 8,000 BTU per pound

 Statistics are averages taken from various online websites.

The Hastings District Council doesn't allow waste engine oil being burned in anyway, yet in some cases it allows  Kroll heaters, and there are quite a few business using these waste oil systems, sound like the some pigs are better than other pigs syndrome, however I would say Canola oil from you local Kools Chicken Dairy is only 200,000 btus under waste oil. Still good for heating but will need filtering to get the chips & crumbs out of it.

My wife was about to pour a litre of used canola oil down the drain, how many people have done that before, I stopped her and said don't waste it I'll take it and heat the home with it for an hour. 

Check out www.youtube.com for more of the begining videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TALhsTcfy9E thiis was the testing the smoke stage.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-wrwdRZac The finished video same as above.


The results of burning waste oil for 6 hours at high temperatures. If you burn't for twelve hours, there wouldn't be to much difference in the amount of ash.  I used a small piece of towelling to start it, however I don't think this is required at all, as most of what's left is the towel. To remove it turn the pan upside down, most of it will fall off. 

When it is burning correctly all you see is flame, no oil floating at all in a pan. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Please Note Prices are now all in US Dollars

& NZ prices beside them.

This is because Paypal seems to only operate in USD in my case. New Zealand's if you aren't happy with this, we can do in NZ dollars just get in touch by sending your email via the above form and we'll be in contact.

Purchasing plans via this website are $27.00 NZ dollars or $21.00 USD.

If Paypal isn't for you get in contact and we'll do it another way.

Plans are selling well a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who has purchased these.


Installing Solid Fuel heaters

Info for flue setup and instilation.


At 550 - 650 degrees fahrenheit we would be looking at up to 1.8 litres per hour.

But really does this really matter, as the oil is free.

Since I have put a larger bowl and cleaned the old girl up, we seem to be running in economy mode @ 350-450 and the radiator s running at 

42 degrees C and that's plenty to heat the whole house.

Thankyou to all that frequent this website. 

I do hope it is really helping people with their heating situations.

If you are building one from the images on this website and  haven't purchased the plans, that's fine, and you can't quite get it going right or smoke free, then please contact me I maybe able to help.

Cheers Hamish

We use Steels Plumbing Ltd for all our Plumbing fittings, Excellent prices and service Thanks Tony & Glenda


The latest heater on it's way to it new owner in Wanaka complete with wetback. Going to heat his hot tube nice.
Looking good there Ham. Got mine working great now.
I can now work in my garage when its cold outside. And i don't have to throw my oil away so i love this kind of heat! Thanks Doug.

The old faithful 2 years of keeping our home warm.

It's just too big and too much heat for our home so it is now off to Whangamata to heat a spar pool. 
Make sure the bubbles are from the blower not the heater. I do hope you enjoy all that free heat it puts out.
Thanks Doug.

Purchase your next welder at a cheaper price.

If you don't have one of these little babies in your backyard, heating your house inside you are paying far too much for you heating.

Free, Clean burning, waste oil heating. 

Don't miss out this winter, you really can't afford not to.

Another one made and off to the customer tomorrow morning. Thanks Jon.
Now winter is here at your doors,
these heaters are becoming a hot hot item, thankyou to all that have purchased them.

The heater video above is an ideal inside the garage type heater. You won't see any flame and it's going to be totally enclosed once the door is hinged, it will be great safe fire. Still testing it today going to try and get it smokeless. It will be finished in matt heatproof black paint

It will be for sale shortly once all testing has been completed. Still working on this one it is smoking more than I would like, so lots of thinking on how to eradicate this problem. But will be for sale asap.

The next project in the pipeline.

Small Bus drip fed waste oil heaters.

Small gas bottle  heaters with a cover to catch any bits of smoke that could come from the second burning stage. On legs as normal maybe even a drum cut to from  as a heatproof backing. Watch this space. I have all the parts just time and energy needed. 

And a nice warm day.

Well, Well, Well, it didn't take him long, about 3 days, and someone has found the warmth already.

 I'm going to put it out their, If there are people out there that are interested in helping us, and become part of the team in taking this free heating to the next level. Please get in contact. We would love to hear your ideas and what can be done to improve our system.

I think we have something quite special and unique. Once the initial cost of the heater, which at $550.00 isn't that expensive compared with wood fires. 

You have for the rest of the fires useful life a totally free clean burning heating system. Rather than paying out for expensive firewood year after year.

Brass Needle Valve 
Perfect for waste oil burning. There is no fluctuating in the flow.
If you have a waste oil heater please use one.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thankyou Hamish
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If solar hotwater is the thing your interested in, then we have done that too, and if you want some information from someone that isn't out to sell it to you, then check our solar website out. Pro's and cons on it. It shows how to build your own retro fitting and how a solar controllers operate.


The Team at Drip fed waste oil has constructed another waste oil heater for you to view, soon after construction in testing mode. It reached 550 degrees F for one hour and ran at normal temp of 300 degrees F, turned it off after 9 hours. It went through approximately 8 litres of waste oil in that time. It a very safe and reliable heater, stays at the set temp and didn't alter at all. I did leave it for an hour while I went into town. The units smoke level is very little, and I think is acceptable and will improve with more than 1 length of flue on it and time.  

An excellent heater, available to purchase through this website, and at the moment through www.trademe.co.nz. 

The plans for this heater is now available through the Purchase your heater and Plans tab at the top of this page.


These Hot pot 9 heaters are for sale on this website should you wish to purchase one. 

Waste oil heating free heat complete with wetback.

Please notice in the video above, that there is not a drop of waste oil anywhere on the ground. We do like to keep everything oil free. And there is No smoke at all when in operation. This heater has been up at 650 degrees F, it would go even higher however the temperature gauge doesn't.
This heater is clean burning and never smells of oil.

I have temporary install this heater in the garage, and been running it today to check for any smoke leaks, all good.

I have since installed it outside the home. 

Just built for Aaron. To be delivered next week.

The inside the garage/bus version same as above but has a cover over the holly tube, and a kettle warmer. The flue is just an example, still not quite completed as painting is next, with legs and pot holder still to come.

No Plans for this one but can add the skirt to the existing plans if you want.


To My Overseas Customers Thankyou so much for checking us out.

I see a lot of people from around the world looking at this website, and I can see why, winter is approaching somewhere in the world, heating becomes a major money concern.

Firewood is a huge price nowadays to keep the family home warm and can be a lot of hard work in getting the stuff. 

A twenty litre plastic container of waste oil will heat my home for two nights. 

I have priced, to send a waste oil heaters over to USA, the freight price is for one unit is $600.00 NZ, just not worth it. So get out in that shed of yours today, and start making one for yourself. Stick some copper pipe in it and your've got free hotwater too. Purchase the plans first so you get it right from the start.

I'm prepared to help you make your own, and help throughout the build.

All that is required to build this heater, is a welder, an angle grinder and a drill and steel

It is all set out in the plans, each step with images to show you what yours should look like. I have had people copy it from the picture then ask me a couple of weeks later, why theirs smokes like a --------- and mine doesn't, well there are a few secrets.

Buy it once and get it right from the start. Don't try coping it from the images and ending in a smoking out your neighbourhood on a still day. It happened to me a couple of times a few years ago now when, I began building these, how embarrassing, It's not funny when this happens at all. Thank god those days are over for good.

Thank's to Ozzirt Ozzirt, Jack of all trades JackofallTrades383, Rm Duck RmDucks you guys are amazing.

All the best, and I will see you on the other side.

Regards Hamish also known as Fireman Jim on YouTube.

 I do hope I haven't frightened you, out of waste oil heating, Oil has an amazing amount of energy stored in it, so if you still interested in purchasing plans, then please do, click on the Buy Now button below. Talk soon.

All the best in the future guys and thanks a lot for viewing our website keep warm and all the best.

We accept all credit cards. Should you have trouble with Paypal payment system contact me and we can look at other ways around it.

Thankyou Hamish.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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                      How to install your own radiators.

 Finished the commercial drip fed waste oil heater. Although it looks a little like a huge commercial tomato soup cooker it isn't.  It's a waste oil furnace. We have the hotwater now installed and about to start testing phase. 
If you are interested in this furnace then please make contact.
The price for this unit is $690.00NZD
Free heating & free hotwater for your workshop or glasshouse or business.
Ok tested it at 350 degrees F, it produced hot water from the garden hose. It has 4 metres of 12.7 mm copper tubing inside it.
Just need to paint the pot system black today and will put another photo of it up later today. It worked well, the drum paint work stayed in tack at 350 F only a couple of tomato stickers burnt off . Little smoke but does need two lengths of flue rather than the one length I used.    Bottom and flue is now painted black.

Havelock North NZ