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Plans on our heaters, selling worldwide.
*Please note the plans are only sent by email, No hard coppies are posted.
It's 2016 get with the times.*
Waste oil heating the way of the future.
Why pay for your heating, when you no longer have to.
*This website is always kept updated, and current with all our latest heaters we have built, and tested*
With prices in US dollars, with NZ dollars to help our kiwi buyers.
Latest Update,: *Wednesday 31st August 2016 8.41 am.

The latest fan forced, waste oil heating plans, are now available world-wide.

This unit is a 45kg heater, capable of heating large areas, and swimming pools by burning waste engine oil.
Possibly one of the best, and easiest builds, in waste oil heating, most effective, and efficient.
This has to be the cleanest waste oil heater, no smoke at startup, no smoke throughout the day, a little bit of white smoke for 1/2 a minute at shutdown.. There is No smoke output with the help of the fan.
There's no smell, infact it doesn't even look like it's even going.
We recommend this fan forced heaters by far. After testing a 19kg heater, that we finished, the flame inside the heater looks like a gas heater on steroids. Two and a half turns on the needle valve got it to 900F, and for this 19kg heater, we used a small computer fan, as the blower.. Burnt for 6 hours with very little ash buildup, however we do recommend you clean the bowl out daily, and the buildup can vary depending on your oil your burning. 
 Now to light it, I turn the oil feed on, and lit the waste oil, with a gas torch, then turn the fan on. 
                                          If the oil is cold, then put a piece of rag, into the pot and oil and light that too.
                                          I turn the needle valve two and a half turns, and walked away.  Came back at 10.30pm turned off the oil,   
                                          then turned off the fan 5 minutes later It operates like a gas heater with lots more grunt.
                                           We recommend that even if you install this heater outside, some form of shelter is required, to keep the 
                                           weather out. Pipes need to be insulated if using the heater for water heating.
                                           We also state these heaters be treated as you would an open fire, not to leave them going          
                                         We use our heater anytime it looks like getting cold, it's been 6 years of free heating.   
                                         Heating, is a huge part of any households energy bill, remove that, and the money frees up for   
                                         other things more important than Gas/Electricity bills.   
We had a customer here for about 3 hours today, he couldn't believe the heat our heater was pumping out, and only a computer fan at 12 volts, 0.4 watts, he said this is totally wrong, we are burning dirty waste engine oil and yet it looks like a gas heater, it's burning cleaner than all wood fires, he said. Looking inside the jets which blow out oil gas, which looks like LPG jets. 
We have a video of them both going, in the fan forced heater section. of this website.

Building these heaters before the cold weather sets in, is a really good idea.

Winter Heater Special
We have just purchased 10 x 18 kg cylinders so it's a great time to order you waste oil heater,
5 of these cylinders have since turned into heaters 5 more to go.

18 kg heater $799.00 as a heater only. 
 Was $949.00  Saving $150.00

18 kg wetback heater $999.00 with 7.5metres x  12.7mm copper coil fitted. 
Was $1190.70  Saving $191.70

All 10 will be turned into 18kg heaters or spa pool heaters.
Comes with all usual flues, needle valve tubing, etc.

Please email us if you are interested in this offer.

Plans for our fan forced heaters SPECIAL $28.79 USD................ BUY NOW
Buy the 18KG heater $799.00NZD ............................................................................................... BUY NOW 
Buy The 18 KG Heater with Wetback installed $999.00NZD........BUY NOW

*We are currently working on water temperature controllers, for the fan forced spa pool heaters & pool heaters, which cut the fire right back to a glow, when in a spa pool has reaches your desired temperature it works by cutting the oil flow to a pulse. When the pool temp drops it starts up again heating. So now the oil flow can be managed via a small pump and controller.

This will save the spa pool owners approximately $50.00 in power a week, and beable to heat your spar pool for next to nothing, enabling you to actually use your spa pool once again.

So clean the leaves out of your spa pool, get rid of the green water, and get ready for this exciting new product to arrive here soon.

Watch this space for updates and video's.

Drip feds new product, kits to convert your existing log fire, into a waste oil heater. We would supply the burner tube pre made, complete with oil line, needle valve, stainless steel fire pot, fan and adapter power supply. You supply the drill to drill a 48mm hole in the side of your free standing firebox, and two 8mm bolt holes, for the tube to be bolted in place.

This will not only give you free heating, but it will cut the price of the waste oil heater down, because you already have a fire installed complete with flues.

Old fire boxes can be reused to heat the work area. etc


                                                                                    If you are interested in this kit then           

                                                                                    please email us.


                                                                                    Price $417.80NZD plus courier.   BUY NOW

                                                                                    The price at Paypal is in US Dollars.

                                                                                  The courier price will be arranged between the buyer and drip fed.


Safety with waste oil heating is a must, and now we offer this to all our customers past and present.

The electrical ball valve servo, which shuts off the oil flow should the flame ever go out, or gets too low. Priced at $145.00NZD.
Depending on the oil you are burning, ash can build up inside the pot, and block the oil outlet, and if your burning really dirty oil, it can block the air holes, however this can happen after 12 hours of burning time.
If you are experiencing this problem change your oil supplier.
Hydraulic oil burns without ash buildup and the amount of oil these business use is just incredible.. Get in contact with them.
So if you are experiencing this problem then this unit is for you. The set comes with digital temperature display which can be altered to suit your heater. Ball Valve Solenoid, Probe, and 12 volt power adapter. 
Set the minimum temperature, your fire gets to before the problem happens, and the servo will cut the oil flow, at that temperature. If your using hotwater the probe could be fixed to the hotwater outlet pipe and use it via the water temp. This is the perfect addition, if you are burning for long hours.. Peace of mind, should anything go wrong in the night, the oil will stop,, turning the fire off.                                                                                        BUY NOW

The process of the waste oil heater.

Since we have purchased, and repaired our bandsaw, parts for these heaters can now be built in advance and in bulk, and set aside for when new cylinders arrive, greatly speeding up the building process.
This decreases the time it takes to produce a heater, and increases production.
So yes we have heaters to burn, so to speak. 
These are the 18kg heater waiting for their new owners.

The order comes in, their heater are already pre-built, and sitting in stock untested. 
Parts are pre made in advance.
If the customer requires a wetback then one is removed from stock and place with the order.
Flues are then ordered for each heater, as these can vary in length.
Oil lines are purchased, and collected.
Next is sandblasting to clean the cylinder up ready for painting.

After the heater has been sandblasted, we set it up ready to test.

Test flues are attached, oil lines fitted, storage tank filled, and connected, fan connected, and plugged in..

Then we light it up as in the video below.

Testing begins. We test that the heater gets up to 250c and the smoke level remains at nil throughout this temperature range.

We test every fifth heater we make.  Last tested 26 August

We then email the video to the customer to show them their heater in action.

This heater has now been tested for heat output, and for nil smoke levels.
We do this test so when they leave our workshop, we know the customer can operate it as we say, on this website.
Now the wetback is about to be fitted, and pressure tested for water leaks.

The 18 kg heater has the wetback now fitted, complete with brass fittings welded or silfosed on.
Painted heatproof black. 650c Max Temp paint.
The heater will be fixed to a pallet and packed up, ready to freight off today or tomorrow.
Allow 3-5 working days from the time of your order.

Filtering of the waste oil, the minimum requirement.

This sieve was cleaned before I poured in 40 litres of waste oil, look at the rubbish it collected. A very cheap basic filtering system that works amazingly well, and this is our only filtering we do, before the oil is burnt, apart from removing the water from the oil.

Make sure you filter your oil before you burn it, as this stuff will block most taps and needle valves, up all day long.


The new additions to the workshop, the mig welder and Co2 bottle which almost cost more than the mig welder, the bandsaw, which certainly speeds up production along. We have just purchased a new blade for the bandsaw so this should make it even faster. We also got an oil water based coolant for the blade, wow expensive for 5 litres, but makes a big difference. If you need anything welded or steel cut, you know where to come now. The bandsaw cuts up to 180mm round or 300mm x 180mm Rectangle.
Eyeing up a Plasma cutter next month. Hopefully!!!!!
The 2 x 18 kg heaters showing wetback fitted and fan housing.
The heater on the right sells at $949.00 and the spa pool heater with the coil sells at $1190.70
Check out our specials

Plans fan forced heaters. $36.50USD

The 19KG gas cylinder heater, running from a 4 watt computer fan, reaching 900F.

Clean, No smoke, and little ash build up, therefore easy cleaning.

Ash content in the pot after 6 hours burning at around 350C equaled 1 cup full..

This Heater sells at $999.00NZD with wetback. $799.00NZD without.

We are aways building this fan forced heater, a 18 kg heater sells for $949.00 without the wetback

So if you like it, then please make contact, it will save you plenty this winter.

Prices range from $799.00NZD for a 18kg fan forced small heater. Once you start looking a copper tubing and copper/brass fitting and silfos, the price rise to $999.00NZD

 These heaters only put out a heatwave, out the exhaust.

These fan forced heaters we build, I have checked that these are absolutely smokeless from all angles and that includes above, when in operation, and am quite over the top about making sure they are, before leaving here. There is nothing worse than a waste oil heater smoking all day long. 

The only difference between a smoking waste oil heater, and a clean burning waste oil heater is the airflow.

I do think we are the only people that make use of the heat that these heaters produce, to heat homes, and water.

The 19 Kg Fan Forced Waste Oil Heater.

Running from a 80 mm x 80mm CPU computer fan. Using 4 watts per hour, designed for cooling now pumping out over 600 F. 

Burning 1.2 litres an hour and clean burning.. 

Now painted heatproof Black. Comes with: new 2x 1200mm galv flue & oil feed line and needle valve.

THE DOUBLE HAPPY plans are now available.

A favourite by many.

To purchase these plans 


$20.58 USD

Our Fan Forced waste oil heat running, all day, most days now, extremely clean burning.
Frost Defender.
$17.68 USD

I get a lot of people asking whether their councils would give them a permit, or if it was ok to fit these in their homes,
The answer we get is below.

Hi, I asked our local council and they only cover wood and coal burners- I didn't ask them, I wanted to install a oil burner - there next comment was to ask your insurance company - sounds like the same situation as a gas heater as they're covered under the gas regulations - hope this help.
To may best knowledge, most councils are only concerned with clean air burning, solid fuel fires.
But farmer Joe, can light his open rubbish heap in his paddock, and smoke out the whole town.
This I saw this happen a month ago.

The Free Energy & the
 Power of Waste Engine Oil.

As some customers say to us, "I reckon your on to something with these heaters".
Yes I agree, these new spa pool heaters are going to go well with controllers.
A first for drip fed however these need controllers or you pool might boil.

If you pay for electricity or Gas, your've been hard hit by high energy prices.
And, if you are like most of us, you're thinking there's got to be a better cheaper way. A better way to heat your home, a better way to save on electricity & gas without spending a fortune, then your've found it here.. 
You've found the website that will save you 100% on all your home heating.

 Alot of people give, or throw away their waste oil or take it to their garage to recycle it, without really knowing the amount of energy, it actually contains.

It contains a massive amount of energy. All our heaters are running off waste engine oil, that comes straight from your car, is filtered and heats.
Without emissions or smoke.

At Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating we build these heaters, that can be used to heat your homes, garages, workshops, business, sheds and even your pools, we sell plans on all our heaters we design and build.

We are offering, to the world a way to heat their homes totally free, cleanly, and safely, either by purchasing our plans, or you may wish to purchase one of our pre built heaters.

Purchasing our pre- built heaters however, are only available throughout New Zealand at present.
Because of the huge freight costs to export.
We are happy to sell them around the world if you organise your own freight.

All our heaters run on any filtered waste engine oil, or any waste oil, be it vegetable, or whatever oil you may have.
These burn between 1.2 and 2 litres per hour depending on the heat output you set them at.
The oil is normally available from your local car/truck/tractor oil changing business.
These companies use thousands of litres of oil that soon turns to waste oil and it costs these businesses around $0.25 per litre to have it recycled.
They will be pleased to see you.
Think of it as cleaning up the world's oil.

Hydraulic companies, who repair hydraulic rams, have huge amounts of clean burning waste oil, or your local Bakery, Garage, Fish and Chip Shops, or Restaurants, normally have an oil drum out the back of the business.
Some use canola oil which is excellent for heating, but other ones use fry-day which is solid white fat, which is not much good unless you can melt it, of course you won't beable to remove it from the drum anyway and tends to have lots of rubbish (chips & breadcrumbs) and water in it..

These business supply our customers with waste oil, continuously throughout the year, and when these business realise the savings you are making them, sometimes they will even deliver it to you.

It really is an amazing feeling, heating your home or pool totally free..
We are here to give you that same feeling.
Give it ago today, it'll only cost $36.50 usd.. 
100% heating savings off your power bill, not just this year but every year..

We strive for clean burning, and heat output with all our heaters.

Some designs take along time before they enter his website, simply because they don't meet our standards.
And it's only when they do, do we put them up for all to view.

#Please NOTE: Never replace the needle valve we supply with our heaters, with a ball valve or any other valve, on our fan forced heaters, they are not a precision valves and you will get in trouble with serious over heating. If it ever gets blocked wash it in petrol, and give it a blow with the air compressor or run hotwater through it, and replace it back in the oil feed line before lighting it.

Paying for anything online these days, is a worrying, with so many scammers out there hiding behind a computer.
 We aren't here for a short time like they are, just a long warm time, so 6 years ago, we decided that Paypal is the trusted way to operate. All your banking information stays with them and, doesn't get passed on to us or anyone else. 

 We find Paypal a very safe way of doing business online, as your credit card details are safe, all we recieve, is an email from Paypal to say your payment has gone through, and to send your plans, we receive your physical address that you put in at the time of paying, and your email address, we then send you the plans you purchased via email. 

So please buy with confidence, if there is ever a problem, which we have never had, Paypal has a refund button by everyones sale. 
Please get in contact if you have any problems at all.

We have no problem clicking the refund button. We don't send emails to you after your purchase, unless you have asked us for our help, or have an enquiry. We don't spam your email account.
Our customers are still always right in our book..  

It's not an automatic email system, I have to send the plans to you, sometimes I'm away from the computer, but I will always email you, and let you know when I will beable to send them to you. These are too bigger files to be sent from a phone or tablet, they have to be sent via the Apple desktop computer.

Remember safety with these heaters, re-lighting a hot heater with any type of spirit is very dangerous, as it will vaporise and you may not even get the flame to the heater before the vapour explodes causing damage to you.
And blowing the flue sky high, if you didn't pot riveted it on. 
Been there done that. Also blown the skin off my leg in the process, and black out one window with soot as the flue went passed the window like a rocket. All in view of my wife. Not good I never want you to do this..
My mate I told him about this the next week I see him what had he done yeah bloody idiot.

We Have The Large Workshop or shed Heater.  

Comes with 2 lengths of 1200mm x 155mm Galv flue with cowling.
Front door for easy access to the burning Pot. 
1 x  Pot
1 x Brake rotor to hold the pot off the bottom of the drum.
Oil Fed line, needle valve, and copper tubing, & fittings. 
Fan, and power pack, 0.4 watts to run this fan.
Door handle, with fibre glass seal around the door.

We have not tested this currently, and it does need sandblasting, theres no reason why it would work, because all the other fan forced heater work well. 
the finished product won't be painted, it will come grey steel in colour from the sandblasting.

The steel flue housing goes inside the drum by 250mm. I'm picking the smoke inside if any, will have to travel to the top of the drum first, then will be reburnt, as it finds it's way out the flue.. Making it extremely clean burning.

Priced to sell at $657.00 plus Freight. $80.00 Nth Island & South Island $120.00
1 in stock should you be interested in this heater.
Below showing you the flue housing.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Spa Pool, and Pool heating, using these waste oil heaters works very well.

This customer said he had too much hotwater from his waste oil heater, as a few customers have said, however now just enough.

Try not to melt the pool this winter, with our waste oil pool heaters. 
A cheap hot tub.
A nicer photo is on it's way.
Thanks Dave..
 Plans are now available on how to build one of these copper coils.

We have alot of people enquiring, how these are made.
As these can be a bit frightening to make, and a bit of a mystery too, and the worry of folding the expensive tube.
These plans sell at $15.00 NZ dollars or $9.73 US Dollars.


                                  To purchase a pre made copper coil 15 metres x 12.7mm dia tubing, 
                                                                                          with 20mm fitting to connect to.
                                                                                         We build coils 190mm OD , 200mm OD, and 290mm OD.
                                                            We also offer 12mm or 20mm copper fitting silfosed on to the ends of the coil. $38.00NZD extra
                                              BUY NOW
                                                Copper tube only $171.03USD or $236.00 NZD plus Freight.


Our new Fan Forced, waste oil heaters.

 Fan forced heaters finished in black with flues, brass copper/plastic oil feed lines and brass needle valve, flue, all ready to light. 

This is by far our best waste oil heater to date. So clean inside and out, stable heat source.

Cleaning the pot is just a matter of pouring it out in a bin, or banging the bottom of the pot to release the ash.

Freight 80.00 South Island NZ.

Freight $60.00 North Island NZ.

Currently 1 in stock. With more being built weekly.

Price Options

Fan forced 45kg heater only.    BUY NOW  $1399.00NZD

Fan Forced 45 kg Heater complete with 18 metres x 12.7mm copper coil $1699.00NZD

Fan forced 45 kg Heater complete with split copper coil 7.5 meters per coil x 2.    $1783.50NZD

 Should you be interested, please email us here at dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

Anyone can use these, as lighting and turning on the fan, want more or less heat open & close the needle valve.

These days, people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes during winter, other than using power or gas, or even firewood this unit will do it with ease.  

It heats our house just with the hot water it produces. Which feeds one radiator.

Fitted all inside a enclosed 45 kg gas bottle. 
This is an extremely clean burning.
Burns any oil and or just waste engine oil. 
Close the sealed door on the fire. 
It will heat to 800 F or 400C on high. It will burn up to 2-3 litres oil per hour. 
Comes complete with 2 x lengths galv flue 1200 x 150mm. 
1 x cowling/ rain cover for the flue. 
Brass Needle valve, and tube fittings to connect to a 20 litre container supplied. 
It has been sandblasted (image 2) tested, and now been painted heatproof black. 

This heater is able to heat your whole home for free year after year. It will pay for itself in one winter.

The split wetback option, now with two 9 metre wetbacks, for heating the spa pool or the radiators, or the swimming pool and the spa, or the hotwater cylinder & the underfloor heating. 
Comes with the normal bits, flues oil lines oil.
Showing two cold inlets & two hotwater outlets.
Now painted black and ready for the customer to collect.

The finished fan forced heater awaiting customer, showing the front door, and the split wetbacks with support holders. Right image. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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The heater above, in the video, this guy Clive Severinsen from Dannevirke on Trademe brought, and is now saying it's a lemon.

Basically he is wanting his money back after 7 months, that's what this is about.

It's odd because we heard nothing from him for 6 months then everything went wrong in his book.

 32 pages of emails to and fro, of what's gone wrong. However never tried to changed anything we suggested which I found odd..

If something needs attention it's normally within the first week.

This idiot, and there's always one, has no idea how to control it, has blown two radiators, by heating them passed the manufactures recommended heating 110c rating. 

He's been running it without the fan running, hence burnt out the alumium fan inside. 

It sit outside without protection from the weather.

These have 240volts running the fan.

We have offered to repair it, should he return it, but he doesn't want to do that, so harassment is his way of dealing with it. 

His Auction on trademe.

This is not extremely clean burning, fan forced waste oil heater. It burns waste engine oil so cleanly there is nothing, except a bit of smoke and a little bit of smell what else do you except from a lemon This is a fan forced waste oil heater, we are testing for it's heats output & smoke levels. it will run for about 3 to 5 hours before it will stop then you have to clean it out what else do you except from a lemon 

If you got all day to monitor this heater to keep running by turning it up, cleaning the bowl, then this is just for you what else do you except from a lemon 

If you don’t want it to running when it is windy or when it is raining and if you don’t mind getting wet when you have to relight it after a poor down of rain, then this is just for you what else do you except from a lemon 

If you want a heater with not much technical support that is fine because I did not either, then this is just for you what else do you except from a lemon 

Comes complete ready to light and smokes a bit , with 2 x lengths galv flue 1200 x 150mm.  
1 x cowling/ rain cover for the flue that does not work  
1x Fan  
Brass Needle valve, and tube fittings to connect to a 20 litre container that is not the right size (to small ) you will have to buy your own that’s what I had to 

Lights up quickly and reaches 500-600F within 5 minutes with no emissions at all, as you can see in this video.

Temperature over 800 Fahrenheit 400 C in places like where the old paint is flaking off.  

Very happy with this unit although, I did have a bit of smoke when I turned it off, not over the top amount, will be firing it up again today to check it out.

It shut down very quickly and only smoked a little for a couple of minutes and white smoke only.

We had it going for the last 5 hours running 550F no smoke at all.

It's burning 2 litres an hour but that's neither here nor there, as we can't burn enough oil to keep up with the flow coming in.

So at 2 litres an hour, the 20 litre plastic container at this rate will last 10 hours burning.

At 2 litres an hour I have been heating the radiator in our lounge at 65-75 degrees c for the last 10 hours

all for free, except the price of operating the 85 watt fan= $0.07 for two hours.

The top level of our home is 23-24 degrees C.

In the ten hours running I went downstairs once to turn it up quarter of a turn on the needle valve.

We have fitted two lengths of flue on it, and it is going beautifully.

I started it with a couple of pieces of firewood for a change, they didn't last long even the ash disappeared.

There is nothing left in the burning pot at all.

With the wood it got to 800F but you would need a forest to feed it, as they burn that quick.

The heat output, i could feel the heat easy 3 metres away, and that was on a very cold day.

This fan forced heater comes complete 

If you are interested in purchasing this heater, please email us, dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

Has been burning for five hours today. 

This Fan forced heater has with very little ash build up, The fan uses 85 watts. Free Heating, at the price of running a light bulb. 

Emissions @ 600F

Radiator Heating.

We now have the boiler unit built, and running extremely successfully,  giving us ample free hotwater. 

Now we need to look at using that hotwater to heat our homes, and radiators are the perfect way, to do this, although an old way but very effective way of heating houses. 

With your boiler/waste oil heater setup in a fireproof area, outside the home, with only the hotwater entering the house.

It can now heat your home successfully.

Radiator heating is widely accepted as the most comfortable form of heating. Naturally silent it delivers consistent warmth, and as it doesn't rely on forced air, it provides a gentle ambient form of heat for the whole house. They come in all shapes and sizes to meet not only your needs, and your taste. Bringing back the old style radiator into your home, will look amazing. These operate around the 65-80 degree C, with most radiators having a heating rating of 110 degrees C.

Radiators provide radiant heating. That means a solid object (in this case, the radiator fins) are heated instead of the air itself – creating gentle, ambient warmth that evenly heats the room.

Central heating radiator design have come a long way since the institutional school heaters of old; today’s models come in a range of styles and sizes to suit all kinds of interiors. They can be linked to a variety of boiler or waste oil heaters, water heating systems.

Radiator heating is an excellent option for existing homes because they can be easily retrofitted to your existing heating system.

Not to forget with our heaters, all your heating needs will be free for years to come.

The retro fitting, that saves replacing your existing hotwater cylinder, used for solar and heating of the cylinder from another source other than power.

Remember solar works really well when the sun's shining, and cost money when it 's freezing cold. This is when the solar panel starts to freeze at night, the sensor being set at 4 degrees c pumps warm water up to it to stop it freezing during night and you can wake up in the morning to no hotwater because the solar panel has been freezing all night. 

When the sun does shine it is warm, so solar heating coke tins may seem to be a great idea but I can't see it working when it's cold in fact solar doesn't work when it's cold it's as simple as that. But summer time like now, hotwater is free and it works perfectly as one would think it would.

There are few ways to heat your home cheaply, I built one earlier, is a 250mm fan in the roof cavity with a silver tube that fits the fan, and connects to a diffuser in the manhole in the hall. I have a double temperature gauge, one in the roof cavity, and one in the hall.
With this I can see at a glance when the roof cavity is hot and the house is cold I can then turn on the switch to start the fan, which sucks that hot air out of the roof and when the temperature drops in the roof I turn it off. The house gets really quite hot and smells of pine which is quite nice..
But this only will work well at certain times of the day like solar.

Another way is by putting a 2" galv pipe through the concrete chimney on a 45 degree angle so the hot outlet sits just above the mantel piece and the cold would be lower outside.
The outside end of the pipe will be the cold inlet, that will sit flush with the outside of the chimney.
As the fire heats the pipe up, the hot air inside the pipe rises from inside the pipe, into the house sucking the cold air in, but heating it as it comes into the home. It is like a vacuum cleaner on blow, and the air that it blows, heats the home more than the fire. It is amazing to see in action. So simple it is just a 1 metre of pipe who would have thought.. 
Plumbing inside your home.
First advice use hemp around the tread and then a thin smudge of graphite paste over the hemp you will never get leaks.
Don't use that white tap wash of time and hemp and graphite can take a lot of heat too.
The image above shows how to connect your hotwater cylinder to the drip fed waste oil heaters wetback or in this case a solar unit, using your existing hotwater cylinder.

This fitting is made up so hotwater and cold water can pass without mixing in and out of the same inlet.
Called a retro fitting and you can either made it up yourself our contact us to show you how it's done.
It saves buying a new hotwater cylinder with a wetback fitting inlets or solar cylinder. The large fleix pipe is the cold water town supply. The copper 20mm pipe goes to the heater and returns via the 12 mm flexi pipe which goes up inside the cylinder about a foot. There we've just saved you thousands of dollars again by not having to remove the cylinder and the buying of a new solar cylinder, now you can afford a waste oil heater from us. lol
So free home heating and free hotwater we'll have you all off the grid sooner than you expected lol.

                      How to install your own radiators.

The radiator above heats all our home upstairs, thats all our living area. Now with the fan forced waste oil heating system, the water heats 65 - 95 C in the radiator. The house can get that hot, that we now open the doors to the outside deck, which has the plastic curtains rolled down. Who would have thought that one 2 metre x 500mm radiator could heat this area, large lounge/kitchen, two double bedrooms, a hallway, two bathrooms, and half a stair well. Now a deck to add to that.. All free. and all from just one radiator.

Now I'm thinking these could also make a cool looking spa pool heater with 20mm copper pipe or pipes running in the burning tube and a 1 metre up the flue and exciting out the flue. 
The price per 20mm copper tube is $58.00 dollars.
A spa pool heater for $358.00 that's cheap pool heater and nice to look at while in the spar.

The mark 3  model Vineyard / Orchard heater at med heat level.
Extremely clean burning. Savage heat output. Radiating heat and heating the air above the heater.
Get those rusting smudge pots replace with our Orchard heater they will last a lot longer than the ones you have.
Built today and in test mode and ready to sell.
We are looking at more heat and less cost per unit.
So the price for this heater is $ 290.00 for one, $270.00 for more than one.
It operates on waste tractor, car ,truck, hydraulic oil, Veggie or canola oil. It is operating on waste car oil.
Excellent for the outside party no smell no smoke, pleasant to watch while you have a beer and warms the outside area up quickly. Candle light dinner?  
*Not for inside.*
Comes with:
1 X ball tap.
2 x metres of airline hose for oil fed.
2 x push in fittings for plastic tubing.
.500mm copper tubing for fed to fire.
Brass fittings to connect to copper tube.
1 X Galv flue flue with a round hood rain cover cowling 1200mm x 159mm. 
2 x Hose clips.
Freight to the North Island $55.00 each.
Freight to the South Island $70.00 each.
 email: dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

The Mark 3 - 1 Model

Same as above but stainless steel flue and rain cover flue 

Same freight prices  same size etc same stuff with is just better quality flue to last the test of time. Carry handles.

$300.00 for one

$290.00 for more than one 

Here we are replacing the expensive diesel heater with a drip fed waste oil burner unit. On its way to Nelson. Only complaint it now produces too much hot water, nice problem to have.

Neville's new drip fed waste oil heater complete with wetbacks. Now painted Black. 
Collected  Thanks.
Temp gauge now fitted.

Paul, brought his plans a couple of weeks ago, from this website, and I am delighted to show you his finished heater, he has built in only a few days.

It's running at 350 F and sitting in pride of place in his home in Aussie, really nice job Paul. 

We have heaters scattered all around the world, great to see.

Thanks for your feedback excellent job.

Notice we haven't used the wife's hair dryer, like half the guys on youtube, instead it's a heater fan which is made for this type of heating
Very clean burning, gives off a lot of heat for free, well almost, apart for the small amount of power to run the fan. 
It has a small opening to remove the pan to empty.

The newly built and tested Fan Forced waste oil heater.

Comes with everything, one length of 150 mm x 1200 mm Galv flue & cowling,

Excellent for a large shed, Garage or sitting in the corner of the workshop. The heat can be felt 3 metres away, so that's a 6 metre diameter, Ideally run, between 350 and 500 Degrees F. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Email from Nigel.

Winter is coming though so I got back into it, made a frame for the water cylinder and plumbed it into the floor heating cylinder. Got it fired up today and the water is thermosiphing through the system, no need for a pump which is great. 
Still work to do, lag the pipes, make some heatshields,tidy it all up yahdeeyaydeeya.
And then see if it keeps us warm over winter. 

Nigel's Drip fed waste oil heater system, all setup to a hotwater cylinder and underfloor heating. Nice job Nigel.

The feedback from a customer, who purchased the plans, and built his own furnace.


Randy from Michigan USA, brought the plans only a few days ago, and now look what he has created from them.

Hi Randy, It looks hot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Got to say you'll be needing it with all that snow on the ground.

 What do you think the savings in the heating bill, for your shop, and house, 

not forgetting he could make more that just one unit saving even more. 

This is his email reply, interesting.


My house and my pole barn (shop) are each about 120 square meters (1300 square feet). For this winter season, I paid about $2450 US for 1300 gallons (4921 liters) of propane to heat both. So to heat two buildings totaling about 240 square meters, I am at roughly $2500US for one winter. If I set up your design to use for heating the house at least during the time I am home (when I can keep watch on it), I could easily save a third of that.($833.00US) Not bad for free heat. We have about 500US gallons of engine waste oil at our business right now - that should last a while.

So for the outlay of only $21.00USD for the plans and a little more for the building of the heater, he's going to be saving $833.00US a year that is a huge saving. If you look at the savings in NZD then it converts to $1124.54. 

The verdict, those plans at $17.51USD are cheap.

I also sent Randy an email regarding the the oil feed line and how the smoke levels would change, once it is fitted to the heater. I also mentioned the great job he had done.

 His reply:


No need for me to take credit where credit is not due. It's your design, your testing, your hard work. All I did was follow a recipe and make a couple small changes just like any good cook will do.

I am getting ready to go 1200 miles away for a 6 week indoor project at a distribution facility so I am probably not going to have much time before I leave to do any further finalisation on this oil burner. The fact that it works and burns well is good enough for me. I have some ideas I want to try and by this time next year, I expect I will probably have made several with different modifications for different purposes (heating our pool, setting one up for a sauna, making one for my business partners garage). I am excited to install the drip line. It is ready and hanging in my shop but I am pressed for time so there it will sit for now.

As for the smoke, the video did show a little smoke but it was really a very small amount. I am confident that when I get the drip set up, I can reduce it even further but if not, the amount of smoke produced was what I would consider very minor for used engine oil.

Enjoy your summer. This morning it was -2F here and the high was +15F during the day. Kind of a "brisk" morning to be sure.



Report from another customer that picked up his new heater.


Just a quick note.  Finally picked up the heater the other day.  Was away with work which was a pain.

I am very impressed.  It is well made and thought out.  Instructions are great.  Its taken the guesswork out of everything.

Good luck going forward.



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James, Nice brand New hot tub heater, on it's way to Christchurch. Check out that finish. 

These heaters are designed to thermosyphon, to give maximum hotwater output. 2 x 20mm wetbacks installed inside this unit. 

To the right, looking down inside the heater at the two wetbacks which exit out he second burning tube. These are right in the fire path.

Two more drip fed pool and spa heaters on there way to their new owners. 

   Thankyou to everyone who has purchased heaters and plans, this little invention/hobby has taking flight.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Installing Solid Fuel heaters

Info for flue setup and instilation.



An email from our customers: 

Thanks, -   Brad here from Melbourne Australia

Hopefully I get make one of these,  I'm a bit tied up with a few things at
the moment though, and I can be a bit of a " gunna " lol )

I decided to buy your plans purely because it appears to me that you've done your homework, and that its a tried and proven design.
and I'm sure you wouldn't be selling if they weren't,....

I particularly like the fact that that there is very minimal smoke etc. that is a must these days..

I have one question please, I was hoping to make a slightly more compact
version, not so high overall about 300mm - 400mm shorter in height

Is this possible by shortening the legs slightly, and also the burn tube etc. without effecting its efficciency much....? 

Thanks Drip Fed.


The plans look really good and i can see you have put some considerable thought into them.
Thanks again for the plans.

Yes, 99% smoke free. Runs cleaner than my home log burner definitely. I added another 1.5m of flu I found at the dump and that made all the difference. Draws better, burns cleaner. Only smokes on start up really and if I get  a bit of water in my oil. Only issues I'm having are with my fuel feed line getting blocked now and again so I'm going to start filtering my sump oil somehow, probably just a mesh strainer. 
To run this hot tub in winter on electricity would be $70-$100 a week! No chance. I got the tub for free from a bloke who couldn't afford to run it anymore. I'm really thinking about if I extend my house one day I'll get another one for a house radiator, it's so good.
Cheers Euan

Fuel sources:    Energy content

* diesel             (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* biodiesel        (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

* kerosene       (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* trans / motor oil (~140,000 BTU/gallon) Waste oil.

* vegetable oil (WVO) (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

*Corn at 13% moisture ~ 7,316 BTU per pound

*Wood pellets vary ~ 8,000 BTU per pound

 Statistics are averages taken from various online websites.

The Hastings District Council doesn't allow waste engine oil being burned in anyway, yet in some cases it allows Kroll heaters, and there are quite a few business using these waste oil systems, sound like the some pigs are better than other pigs syndrome, however I would say Canola oil from you local Kools Chicken Dairy is only 200,000 btus under waste oil. Still good for heating but will need filtering to get the chips & crumbs and wild life out of it.

My wife was about to pour a litre of used canola oil down the drain, how many people have done that before, I stopped her and said don't waste it I'll take it and heat the home with it for an hour. If you have waste oil you don't want I will gladly take it off your hands but please only clean containers. Or collect a container from us first.

Check out www.youtube.com for more of the begining videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TALhsTcfy9E this was the testing the smoke stage.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-wrwdRZac The finished video same as above.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Purchase your next welder at a cheaper price.

Brass Needle Valve 
Perfect for waste oil burning. There is no fluctuating in the flow therefore no flareups.
If you have a waste oil heater please use one.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thankyou Hamish
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If solar hotwater is the thing your interested in, then we have also fitted a solar system on the roof, and if you want some information from someone that isn't out to sell it to you,, then check our solar website out. Pro's and cons on it. It shows how to build your own retro fitting to fit your existing hotwater cylinder and how solar controllers operate.

Like all solar units, when the sun don't shine don't waste time, buy a waste oil heater.


The Team at Drip fed waste oil has constructed another waste oil heater for you to view, soon after construction in testing mode. It reached 550 degrees F for one hour and ran at normal temp of 300 degrees F, turned it off after 9 hours. It went through approximately 8 litres of waste oil in that time. It a very safe and reliable heater, stays at the set temp and didn't alter at all. I did leave it for an hour while I went into town. The units smoke level is very little, and I think is acceptable and will improve with more than 1 length of flue on it and time.  

An excellent heater, available to purchase through this website, and at the moment through www.trademe.co.nz. 

The plans for this heater is now available through the Purchase your heater and Plans tab at the top of this page.


To My Overseas Customers Thankyou so much for checking us out.

I see a lot of people from around the world looking at this website, and I can see why, winter is approaching somewhere in the world, heating becomes a major money concern.

Firewood is a huge price nowadays to keep the family home warm and can be a lot of hard work in getting the stuff. 

A twenty litre plastic container of waste oil will heat my home for two nights. 

I have priced, to send a waste oil heaters over to USA, the freight price is for one unit is $800.00 NZ, just not worth it. So get out in that shed of yours today, and start making one for yourself. Stick some copper pipe in it and your've got free hotwater too. Purchase the plans first so you get it right from the start.

I'm prepared to help you make your own, and help throughout the build.

All that is required to build this heater, is a welder, an angle grinder and a drill and steel

It is all set out in the plans, each step with images to show you what yours should look like. I have had people copy it from the picture then ask me a couple of weeks later, why theirs smokes like a --------- and mine doesn't, well there are a few secrets.

Buy it once and get it right from the start. Don't try coping it from the images and ending in a smoking out your neighbourhood on a still day. It happened to me a couple of times a few years ago now when, I began building these, how embarrassing, It's not funny when this happens at all. Thank god those days are over for good.

All the best, and I will see you on the other side.

Regards Hamish also known as Fireman Jim on YouTube.

 I do hope I haven't frightened you, out of waste oil heating, Oil has an amazing amount of energy stored in it, so if you still interested in purchasing plans, then please do, click on the Buy Now button below. Talk soon.

All the best in the future guys and thanks a lot for viewing our website keep warm and all the best.

We accept all credit cards. Should you have trouble with Paypal payment system contact me and we can look at other ways around it.

Thankyou Drip Fed.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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