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Dual timer and Pump system


Dual Timer Kit

20mm reduction fittings to 8mmhosetail for connecting to your storage container.

Waste oil Pump

Tubing 3.5metres plastic hose, hose clips,

Dual timmer circit board wired up, and tested 240ac/12volt power supply. Connection plug.

Plastic housing box. 2 wood screws to fix to wall.

Preset to 9 sec delay one sec pumping.

All ready to plug in and start pumping.


We have designed this system using our knowledge of our engineering, and electronic's, together with our waste oil heaters.

We sell these units worldwide, to people who require more safety in controlling waste oil heaters.

We find they turn a dangerous heating system into a one which managers the overheating problem which is common in oil heating. These timer/ pump units remove the variants cause from gravity feed oil supplies, like if the oil is cold or warm, or the tank is full or near empty. We also have these connected to wifi so you can turn your waste oil heater off as you get into bed at night via your smartphone, via a simple app. No longer requiring the need to go outside in the freezing cold to turn it off. We are now starting venturing into auto lighting of these heaters so they can be lit prior to you getting home from work.

We also sell just the timers and the pumps via our website with full wiring instruction and the guide to using the digital timer so welcome to check us out and purchase what you may need.

Regards Hamish

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