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Auto lighting of your waste oil heater.

They units have arrived and certainly work well.

Start your waste oil heater via your smartphone. Yes it's soon going to be possible.

With the help of this little transformer/igniter.

An access point into the pot will be needed for the electroids to access the oil flow and ignite it.

As yet we don't know if these will light waste oil, without a rag per-soaked in kerosene sitting in the pot ready to be ignited.

We will test it first and put up a video of this in action.

Connected to 240 volts AC.

Produces a high voltage spark between the electroids.

These will be for sale here at $80.90USD plus delivery.

To access these via your mobile you'll need a wifi plug, and a wifi camera to check via your phone that the heater is alight.

Yeah it won't be cheap, and nothing is nowdays, but well be well ahead of those idiots on youtube still making flame & burning dirt. lol

I don't know what's next with waste oil heaters, we will continue building them and selling them, but with all these extra electronic attached they will be getting more expensive. Definitely safer, and alot easier to operate with your phone.

Today everything is going to be phone operated, and it does make our life easier 

We are also looking into misting the waste oil which will make the oil easier to ignite

however a compressed air would be required so would be more commercial use rather than the home user.

This is how these misting burner units will operate, but will be encased inside a 45 kg horizontal cylinder with small legs, I understand they may not need a flue but the gases still need to be expelled outside we think.  

These will be auto lighting, but we have the issue now of working out the compressed air. They will run at 3 litres of waste oil an hour. Which it quite a bit of oil.

We have built the steel structure to fit this burner, and it's that heavy it's now going to be either mounted to a trailer or on wheels. The cylinder we are using is very thick, and looks to have been poured, to make it, rather than pressed or rolled as with the gas cylinders.

The auto lighter has been a wakeup call, with shocking us every now and then when it shorts out on the fan grill. lol

Misting oil spray nozzle, Waste Oil Burner Nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, Heavy Oil Nozzle.

Arriving soon. The auto igniter connects to it.

The Camera we are using is an outside camera wifi IP type.

Plastic fantasic. Good image but slower video tracking.

If you want one sent freight free $45.48usd.email us