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These wetbacks, coils and ladder, can be made to fit your requirements. Price will vary depending on size.

They are all pressure tested for leaks. 

We only use Sil-fos as the joining solder, which requires the copper to be red hot before the silfos will melt. It is a very solid join. Electrical solder we do not use.

Copper Coils Wetback, Made to order.

This is 15 metres of 12.7mm Refrigerating tubing. 280mm Diameter x 480mm high.

Priced at @ $170.00 USD or $240 NZD. Plus freight.

These have been built to fit inside the 18kg & 45kg heaters.


Ladder Wetbacks Made to Order. Complete with Crox fitting to connect to.

This is built from 20mm copper pipe  Made to your measurements. 

This wetback is 180mm wide x 600mm long.

Priced @ $134.64 USD or $190.00 NZD. Plus Freight.

The price will vary depending on the size you order.

All joins are silfosed, and pressure tested for any leaks.

This ladder wetbacks comes complete with:

2 x 20mm Crox Nuts

2 x 20mm Hex Crox nuts and 2 x  Barrel Nipples

2 x20mm Crox olives.


Ladder Wetback.

This is made this wetback 25mm copper runners, with 20mm ladder pipes.

This wetback is 180mm wide x 500mm long.

Currently showing 4 ladders but comes with five.

Priced at $176.45 USD or $249.00 NZ Dollars. Plus freight.

All joins are silfosed, and the wetback is pressured tested for any leaks.

This ladder wetbacks comes complete with:

2 x 25mm Crox Nuts

2 x 25mm Hex Nipple or joiner

2 x25mm Crox olives.


The 25mm copper wetback when bigger is better, complete with 25 mm ladder pipes. All joints Sil-fossed. The copper needs to get to the next stage after red hot for the sil-Foss to weld.

Don't have the price, just made it today. Comes with 2 x 25mm crox nuts 2 x olives & 2 x 25mm hex barrel nipples. If your in the market for one like this email us. 

We can make them to order.


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