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Ideas how customers are intending to use their heaters.

All are going to be setup outside with a timer pump system, which is now a must.

45 kg Cylinder with door formed, hinged, and flue housing fitted. Copper coil has been fitted.

Pot installed Timer pump system built, and burner blower unit built.

Customer going to heat external hotwater cylinder, and pump that hot water to radiators throughout the home.

Both cylinders  now sansblasted ready for the next process.

45 kg cylinder with door formed and hinged, flue housing made and fitted, this is to have copper coil, blower burner unit, timer pump system.

Customer building an insulated hot-box outside, where hot air will be be draw from this 1.5 x 1.5 metre hot-box to the house, via 150mm-200mm ducting and a fan, pumping this hot air into the home, also heating water for radiators throughout the home. 

Should you wish to order one of these please fill out the form below.

We ask for a 50% deposit before starting any build.

Currently have three units now on the go, however working harvesting pumpkins has slowed progress currently.

luckerly it's summer.