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The isses we have face as we went alone this road of waste oil heating.

We started by finding this waste product could be burnt, and burnt for a very long time on a very small amount, but not cleanly without assisted air. So we introduced forced air via a fan. After 30 different fans we found the correct one. 

This cleaned up the smoke levels, so we had a heater that could operate cleanly, great we thought we are winning we thought, now we can go the next level and look at heating water, so we added a copper coil. That worked well.

Now we can heat any area for next to nothing, all good we thought. 

Over the last two years we have been looking into safety of these waste oil heaters, and the only option we found was to introduce a small amount of power to run the 12 volts 5 amp electronics to keep this heater under full control. Without any controls they can become very dangerous, if you not watching the heater all the time.

And there are always going to be times when you do walk away as we did. What amazed us was there was no one on Youtube and still isn't, to my knowledge doing any safety with these heaters. 

The next big issue we came across was the overheating of these heaters, so we have sorted this issue out by using electronics, and a timer pump system. Excellent we thought another issue sorted.

Now the bigest issue that faces us currently, is with all waste oil heating is, if the flame ever went out from some unforeseen problem, the oil would continue to flow, until it flowed out the heater over the lawn into the pool etc, and spilt oil is the worst stuff to clean up. So as from today 1/5/2018 we are introducing a digital thermostat, and this will turn the oil pump/ flow off, if either the hot water or fire drops below 45c.

Now we have the fail safe waste oil heater, well still looking at auto lighting. Which is happening just slowly than first expected. Bit by bit we'll get there.

I don't know what's the next issue where going face, but hopefully we can overcome it as we have done.

I have posted a video of the thermostat in action below. Works well, another big win.