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So you're build your own waste oil heater ,but having a lot of trouble keeping it to a steady temperature. It wants to go up in temperature without you even doing anything to it. 

There are a few rules regarding burning oil.

1# If the heater is inside keep the oil outside and via versa, this well stop the oil from heating up, making the oil flow faster.

2# Needle valves work, but wheel valves tend not to.

To be totally honest about this, we have been through those horrible times when the heater turns red hot and nothing you do, will slow it down..

So with an engines help we designed and built a controlled oil feed which is a timer/pump system to control the oil flow whether the oil gets hot or cold, giving a measured amount oil oil every so many seconds. By doing this it controls the burn and never goes above 3-4 degrees on what you set it at. Customers find they can leave their heaters on all day, all night, with this controller and it never alters in temp.

We use one on our heater and it really does control it to a Tee, and removes the worry out of waste oil heating.

So now electrics are introduced we then look into turning the oil feed and fan off by wifi on your smartphone. Which now is available.

The timer/pump controller system we build.
It's our own design sealed in a plastic box

The complete controller wired up, with tubing and power supply, timer and pump.

Comes preset 9 second delay 1 second it pumps oil into the heater.