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So you're build your own waste oil heater, and having a lot of trouble keeping it to a steady temperature. It wants to go up & down in temperature without you even touching anything and sometimes turns into a chernobyl nuclear reactor.

Why does this happen? Well as oil warms up, it flows easier & faster, your heater heat output increases 10 fold.

There are a few rules regarding burning oil.

#1 If the heater is inside, keep the oil outside, and via versa, this well stop the oil from heating up, therefore making the oil more stable.

#2 Needle valves sort of work, but wheel valves don't. No tap we have tried really works, all taps will flow faster when the oil temperature  increases.

To be totally honest about this, we have been through those horrible times when the heater turns red hot, and nothing you do, will slow it down, apart from turning the oil flow off and closing all air inlets. Even needle valves supply more oil when the oil warms, so it has to be pumped to control the flow.

So with our engineer's help we have designed, and built, a controlled waste oil feed, which is a timer/pump system which controls the oil flow, whether the oil gets hot or cold it never changes, giving a set measured amount (about 1 teaspoon)  of oil, every few seconds. By doing this, it controls the temperature, and never goes above 3-4 degrees on what you set it at. Customers find they can leave their heaters on all day, all night, with this controller and it never alters.

We use one on our heater, and it really does control it, and removes the worry out of waste oil heating. I would never run a waste oil heater without it now. You know it will never oversupply oil, and it will never overheat, and the temperature always stay the same..

So now electrics are introduced, we are now turning the oil feed and fan on & off via wifi on our smartphone. Which now is available to all.

Auto lighting arriving 2018.Will keep everyone informed.

The Dual Timer / Pump Kit in the above video wired up ready to send to its next owner.
Certainly a must for any home made waste oil heater.
Takes all the worry out of overheating your waste oil heater.
Read the feedback on these.

Timer comes pre-set 9 sec delay 1 second pump, ready to go.
It will keep your heater around 450 Celsius at these settings.
Should you want the heater hotter reduce the delay to 6 seconds.
A really nice system, order yours today.
 $105.45usdBUY NOW

The timer/pump controller system we build.
It's our own design sealed in a plastic box

The complete controller wired up, with tubing and power supply, timer and pump.

Comes preset 9 second delay 1 second it pumps oil into the heater.