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Items you need should you wish to purchase a heat complete but in parts.

1 x 45kg cylinder or 19 kg cylinder or 9kg cylinder.

New Zealand dollars $179,00 Complete with door cut out, with latch, door hinged, 150mm flue housing fitted and sandblasted.

1  x Burner blower unit with fan, fan speed controller, power supply, power cord, oil line, all fitted.

 Either bent for water heating or straight just as a heater.

Bolts onto the cylinder.

1  x pot.

With bent nose option, New Zealand dollars $296.00

Straight nose option, New Zealand dollars $243.45

1X Dual timer and oil pump with 12 volt power adaptor, power cord, 8 & 10mm tubing, and fitting to connect to a 20 litre container.
All housed in a plastic box. 
New Zealand dollars $144.50

1 x Made to fit x 15 metres 12.7mm copper coil for water heating.

Complete with 20mm brass crox fittings & 2 x brass barrel nipples to connect to.

New Zealand dollars $220.49

Total for a 45kg heater with water heating $839.99 with the bent nose blower burner unit.

Total for the 45kg heater with the straight nose blower burner unit. $787.44 NZD

Plus Delivery.