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The latest Fan Forced Waste Oil Heater Plan.

How to build your own heater, so it burns cleanly, and pumps out the heat.

These plans cover the building either our 45 kg as pictured, 19 kg, 9 kg cylinders depending on the area you wish to heat.45kg cylinder heats large ares, the 19kg Cylinder a home, and a 9 kg cylinder a double shed to samll flat, so the burner blower unit is the same for all cylinders.

Now you can use anything like steel pipe with caps on the ends, or old compressor cylinders, exsisting log fires. So get start today and start saving not only on firewood but gas  too.

The plans will be emailed to you as soon as we have been notified by Paypal of your purchase.

 However sometimes, with time differences we will recieve your order by the next morning. They will then be sent to you first thing the following morning. There is a person at the other end, sending these emails off so it's not fully automated as yet. 

Build a free heat source which is capably in heating all your hot water. 

We'll include how to make a copper coil for your hotwater heating free.

These plans are available for all the the fan forced heaters. 

Included how to build our new burner blower unit.


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The 45 kg fan forced waste engine oil heaters.

Right the 19Kg Fan Forced heater very

The 9kg heater below.

Turn that heater into a free hotwater producing system with this wetback.