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The latest Fan Forced Waste Oil Heater Plans.

These plans cover the 45 kg heaters and the 18 or 19 kg heaters, they will be emailed to you   in PDF format.

We endeavour to get them to you, as soon as we have been notified by Paypal.

 However sometimes with time differences we will recieve your order by the next morning. They will then be sent to you first thing the following morning. There is a person at the other end, sending these emails off so it's not fully automated as yet. 

Build a free heat source which is capably in heating all your hot water. Savings are huge.

These plans are available for all the the fan forced heaters. They can be made in a variety of cylinders or from large diameter pipes. Excellent for heating large areas like aircraft hangers,  spa pools hot water cylinders.

The cleanest heater ever, burning without smoke.n 24/7, and if it's cold & snowing at your place, thats exactly what you need. And it      


The price has also been reduced so now there is no reason at all for you not to have your own waste oil heater.Now only $10.95 dollars.        

There are guys in the States who have made a business out of selling these heaters.

I haven't received any commission from them either, which I would have thought 10% not unreasonable.                                          

                                                                             NOW $14.55USD   BUY NOW

The 45 kg fan forced waste Canola oil heaters.

Right the 19Kg Fan Forced heater running from a Servo fan

The 18KG fan forced heater is currently being built.
Turn that heater into a free hotwater producing system with this wetback.