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The latest 18 kg & 45 kg Fan Forced Waste Oil Heater Plans.

These plans cover the 45 kg heaters and the 18 or 19 kg heaters, they will be emailed to you in 3-4 emails depending on your purchase.

We endeavour to get them to you, as soon as we have been notified by Paypal. However sometimes with time differences we will recieve your order by the next morning. they will then be sent to you first thing the following morning. There is a person at the other end sending the emails off so it's not fully automated. 

Build a free heat source which is capably in heating all your hot water. Savings are big, and your heater will pay for itself the first winter. These are cheap to make, as most people have it lying around their premises already as scrap. 

These plans are available for all the the fan forced heaters. They can be made in a variety of cylinders or large pipes. Excellent for heating large areas, pools spa etc.

The cleanest heater ever, burning without smoke except at 1/2 minute at shutdown.

These can be built from small 18kg steel forklift cylinders using a good powerful computer fan, they will get up to 550c on 2.5 turns on the needle valve, but ideally run at 2 turns on the needle valve, which is 1.5-1.8 litres an hour. The heater look like a gas heater with attitude, and they fire out the heat. I had one going today, extremely clean, there is ash build up over long periods of burning, however this can change, with the type of oil you burn, my heaters pot needs emptying ever 13 hours burning, but as I said, if you are going to burn hydraulic oil or transmission oil, then there will be next to no ash buildup in the pot. This will enable you to        

                                                                               burn 24/7, and if it's cold & snowing at your place, thats exactly what you need. And it      

                                                                               removes hazardous waste product from your business saving recycling costs.

                                                                               We have people around the world who have made small business through our plans and 

                                                                               ideas for only $14 dollars who are    

                                                                               able to build these heaters to a strict standard, and if you are one of these people then please 

                                                                               make contact, we always have people wanting these waste oil heaters pre built, all around the 

                                                                               world save them and us freight would certainly help not only you but our customers too. 

  NOW $14.17USD


The 45 kg fan forced waste Canola oil heaters.

Right the 19Kg Fan Forced heater running from a Servo fan

The 18KG fan forced heater is currently being built.

The Double Happy Plans now available because of demand.

Emailed in PDF File, complete with how to build this complete heater. 

NOW $14.17 USD


Turn that heater into a free hotwater producing system with this wetback.

The Frost Destroyer Plans.
Build this outside heater, to either to bring that party alive, or protect the crop, or heat that expensive spa pool, all for free. Runs on waste engine oil or canola oil. Approx 1.5 litres an hour.
$14.17 USD