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At drip fed we are currently going against the grain and have started building wood fired Rocket Stoves for

beach or camping use too cook on this summer.

These are constructed from 89mm x 4mm thick Box steel, solid construction perfect for cooking outside on.

We may venture into a few more woodfired heaters in the near further, just to have a range of produce for you to choose from.

The Rocket Stove Sells for $161.00NZD finish in heat-proff black paint. Sitting in the shed waiting to go to your place.

We have dropped the price by 50%. Got to go.

Ok version two, we put a shelf in the burning chamber to keep the wood up so the air could get to the embers and, had a much better burn better otherwise without the shelf it tended to snuff out. Operated at 450c boiled water ok, Radiatated heat well, excellent cooker.

We will look at building smaller and lighter units in the coming weeks mainly to keep freight cost down. 

This has a ash removeal door at the back and carry handle.