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Rocket Stoves for cooking on at the

beach or camping.

Boiled the pot of water in the video in water in 10 minutes.

Constructed out of solid 4mm thick steel.. Weighs 10.7KGs

We sell these Rocket Stoves on Trademe..co.nz for $149.00, now as we build these, we want people how visit drip fed website, to get them for $49.00 cheaper that's a 1/3 off.

So $100.00NZD plus freight, North Island $28.00NZD South Island $39.99NZD

or $68.76 USD Plus freight.


We may venture into a few more woodfired heaters in the near further, just to have a range of produce for you to choose from.

The Rocket Stove Sells for $149.00NZD finish in heat-proof black paint.

We will from today on, we will only be building the larger 150mm box steel rocket stoves.

Rocket Stove,

150x150mm box steel with 80mm Dia Flue.

We'll be cleaned up in the morning, painted black then be back for your eyes only.