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Wetbacks Fitted in these spa pool heaters. 20mm copper pipe above,  and to the right 25mm copper pipe with 20mm cross bars x 5.

Examples of the Spa Pool Heater. If you would like a plan made up for on how to build this please get in contact via the email form on this website.

Sandblasted and painted.

The low lying spa pool heater.

Heating spa pool via thermosyphon 

3-4 hours to 39-40C. And could be kept going on low once temperature has been achieved, to keep the heat up in the pool. 

If the unit was to be covered in ceramic blanket then this time would be shortened.

Run on Canola Oil or Vegetable oil, clean burning with fan controller.

Plans For this Spar pool heater are available here.$17.98 USD


Under the Hawke's Bay Air Shed, these heaters can only to be operated using Canola oil. Although will work with all oils.

Our heaters have been viewed by the Hastins District Council and has been approval for use.

The Regional Council Says you can't even burn even Canola oil because it comes under a Waste oil.

And the EPA.

The EPA manages the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996. Under this Act, only hazardous substances that are intended to be imported into or manufactured in New Zealand require a HSNO approval.  
Please note that, according to the information available at the time, Canola oil was deemed to be non-hazardous, and therefore would be exempt from the HSNO Act., it would probably be wise to seek advice from the Regional Council and WorkSafe with respect to any certification that may be required for the heaters.

I hope that this answer is useful to you.

Many thanks,

Dr David Weller
Advisor, Hazardous Substances Applications
Environmental Protection Authority.

I also understand vegetable & canola oils is also Hazardous free.

What I have found with this waste oil heating, is we now have it to a stage where it's cleaner burning than any clean burn wood fire. The neighbours wood fire smokes like anything for an hour. Have you noticed how farmer Joe can light a fire in his paddock ad pretty well burn whatever he wants, and smoke the town out.

Also these authorities are keen to shut it down, but give no assistance on how to get it working. This is a product selling world wide, saving individuals thousands of dollars a year in Propane & wood. We have farmers who have purchased this heater, saying their chainsaw would give more smoke off then these heaters. They have got to a stage in their lives where they are sick of cutting down trees for firewood. When they can reduce a waste product and product lots of free heat with it. 

So what we recycle it send it to China and they burn it to recover the heat and power. The air is the same air.

The truck that delivers firewood or gas bottles would smoke more than our waste oil heaters.

And why are commercial business allowed, but residents aren't allowed to burn waste oil, only Canola oil, seems one rule for one, and not everyone.

I really think these authorities need to look hard into this free souse of home heating. Heating your home for free is one huge saving in any households budget.

I would be the first one to offer a heater for them to test. Not only test, but test the exhaust to see exactly if there is anything dangerous going into the air, as I believe any nasties in the oil will be cremated inside the heater and turned to ash as soon as it enters the flame.

If they don't this heating system will just go underground.

I know of a business in town who is just burning off the waste engine oil created from the business, opperating out the back, burning it all day, not worried about the heat recovery, just to get rid of it.

These heaters have not been certified by Work Safe.

These heaters are designed to be outside next to the spa pool.