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To build your own clean burning, safe, waste oil burning/heater, you'll need:
a cylinder or an existing firebox, 
 two 150mm x 1200mm lenghts of flue pipe. Stainless steel is better.
1x  8" supermarket stainless steel mixing bowl/pot. $7.00 approx.
1x 20 litre oil container.
Some waste oil.

You will need from us:
1 x Clean burning Blower burner unit 
1 x oil feed timer/pump controller.
By you supplying the cylinder you can have this heater going at your place for an outlay of $307.49USD. 
Thats the blower burner unit and the oil feed controller.
If you want free hotwater you'll need a copper coil and fitting.

I know my family save $800.00NZD in gas alone every winter. So if you are the same, you'll save $493USD in the first winter, then $800.00NZD the next and so on. And It's like burning gas no hassles ,no carrying firewood, you can pop the container on a hand truck, and a 20 litre can last up to 2 days of heating.

45 KG Gas bottle Sandblasted Cylinder  $179.00 NZD We don't export these Sorry.             BUY NOW $179.00 NZD  This cylinder has a solid hinged door and flue housing fitted, inside it has a pot and a pot stand, it also has the hole for the blower unit to be bolted to. 

Email us should you be interested in it.  EMAIL                                        

Bent End blower unit great for exsisting fires and cylinders.               BUY NOW $216.00USD

These blower burner units come complete. Set it up in by cutting or drilling a 55mm round hole, bolting it on whatever you intend to heat, a cylinder or existing firebox, connect the oil line to it  light the fire, turn on the fan. These units are tested, and operate cleanly burning waste engine oil.

The Straight Burner Unit Great for going through into a pot mounted on a fire door.

                                                                                                            BUY NOW $177.50USD

Same as above but straight.

Comes with bolt on plate curved or flt.

Heat deflector.

Copper tubing.

                                                                              Needle Valve.

                                                                              Fan with fingure screen, speed controller and power supply.

                                                                              Steel 50mm tube, fan box welded together.

The Oil Feed timer/pump Controller System.

Total control of your waste oil heater. Comes complete ready to turn on. Plug and Play.

Power adaptor 100-240Volts AC 12 volts 5 amps.With 3 pin plug.

We can now set the heater to a temperature and know it won't alter day or night.                                                                                                                               BUY NOW $105.45

We have sharpened or pencil once again, and can now offer the timer pump kits at 

$105.45 usd.

$149.00 nzd

WS16 DC 12V LED Display Digital Electricity And Power Outages Delay Timer Control Time Relay Switch Connects to 12  volt power adaptor below.
Module PLC Cycle.                                                                # 4-5-weeks delivery Free freight   BUY NOW $14.95 USD

1 x Waste oil pump.  Connects to 12 volt adaptor below.                     # 4-5-weeks delivery                                                                                              Free freight  BUY NOW $17.28USD

Delta Blower Fan 12volt 57amp 80mm x 80mm x 32mm

Connects to 12 volt power adaptor below

Excellent for clean burning.                                                 


                                        # 4-5-weeks delivery Free freight  BUY NOW  $19.99USD

Electronic Fan Speed Controller 12 Volt.

Connects to power adaptor below, comes with plactic chromed knob.                                            

                                                        #4-5-weeks delivery Free freight   BUY NOW $10.50USD

100-240Volts AC 12 volts 5 amp power adaptor. 

Comes with 3 pin plug and cord.                                                            

                                                     # 4-5-weeks delivery Free freight    BUY NOW $16.99USD

Wifi control for turning oilflow and fans on and off from you smartphone. 
                                                       # 4-5-weeks delivery Free freight   BUY NOW $48.00USD

Needl Valve 10MM with commission fitting.                       

                                                # 4-5-weeks delivery Free freight  BUY NOW $12.00USD

Copper Coil 15 metres x 12.7mm Diameter.                                       BUY NOW $160.89USD

The supermarket mixing bowl for the fire action to take place, they last for about 6 months before holes start appearing in the base, however the holes don't matter, as the oil turns to gas there's no oil in the pot anyway. They work well, are cheap, and cheaply made, light to use, you can have a couple of them. And there's alway better quality ones in the pantry if your game enough to steal one.

These are $7-10 dollars at your local supermarket.