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Drip fed waste oil heating .com

The price you'll be charged for energy or even firewood to heat your home is going to rise ten-fold in the coming years, let alone if you can even buy it.

We are trying to buck the trend by offing free heating. It won't cost anything to heat your home only the initial up-front cost of the heater, or plans.

And we are being hit with increase prices for steel, electronics, even wiring so the prices for these heaters are unfortunately having to rise. 

This fuel is free and available to everyone, business are happy to get rid of it as the cost to recycle it is rising too.

These are more a commercial heaters, not design for inside your home but will heat the home by boiling water for radiators inside the home, with the boiler setup outside. 

The flame is designed to only climb up inside the closed cylinder by a 1 foot so extremely safe. Never gets out of control. 


If you purchase a firebox from Mitre 10 it's still going to cost, you dearly for the firewood that's if you'll be able to get it.

Waste oil burners have got to the stage of being so clean they never smoke nor smell and very efficient. 

They can run for weeks without having to do much, apart from collecting the oil.

We have heated our home for 17 years now, totally free it has been amazing, heats the home via one radiator and heats it to 24c and in winter that is warm.

Currently we have waste oil heater builder in New Zealand only.

New Zealand builder Hamish: [email protected]

David Levesque via from Canada, has left the drip-fed waste oil heating group of Manufactuing our heaters. and I understand he won't be building any of our heaters from today 18/2. 

We need blue flame waste oil heater builders in America & Canada, and Ireland so if sounds like you, please get in touch if you're into engineering and have the tools and equipment including a bandsaw.

If you are a competent engineer can do a nice weld and have the machinery to be able to complete the job to a high standard,

please contact Hamish. 

[email protected]

Thanks to Jacinda Ardern the CO2 price have tripled it us to be $50.00 per 5kg cylinder now $178.00

 We use CO2 for your mig welder which we have upgraded too. 

All copper work can be undertaken at drip fed.

Plans blue flame waste oil heater.

Plans are available on the blue flame heater they are priced at $150.00 nzd or $93.25usd.

Email [email protected] your email we will send you a PayPal invoice which can be paid with either by debit card or credit card. Thankyou.

We also sell copper coils we have a range available at

Current Prices for the blue flame heater.

All our heater come with the waste oil controller and power adaptor.

Heater only $1700.00 nzd.

Heater with one coil fitted 12.7mm x 15 meters of copper tubing to heat up to 10,000 litres pools $2000.00 nzd.

Heater with two coils x 30 metres copper tubing to heat up to 50,000 litre pools $2349.00 nzd.

 Heater with three coils x 45 metres copper tubing to heat up to 80,000 litre pools $2698.00 nzd

Blue flame Technolgy

What is happening in the fire is the oil gets so hot it gasifiers the oil, and it's the gases from the oil which are burning not the oil. By doing it this way, it eliminates any smoke and smell that you normally get when burning waste oil.

So, I can say these never smoke or smell.

And after a test today 10.12/2022 we can say there is no carbon monoxide coming off our heaters.

Blue flame heater for more commercial use, large workshops aircaft hangers, hot houses.

This is sitting in the shed waiting for its customer.

Priced at $1700.00nzd

Blue Flame heater 45kg.

Same heater as above but a bilge blower for the fan.

Priced at $1700.00nzd

Blue flame heater under normal operating with controller. 

Heating at 550c very hot.


This is currently on sale on Trademe for $1700.00

and with one coil fitted $2049.00.

 Pickup from Hastings NZ or freight it.

This is free heating system, it gasifiers waste oil, so the oil isn't alight but the gases which the oil gives off, which burn super clean without every smoking or smelling. 

It's controlled with a waste oil controller, so it stays at the temperature you set it at.

What can it be used for, it can be setup outside heating water for radiators in the homes, underfloor heating, hot water cylinders, spa pools, cold large tin workshops, drying firewood, and sand, rearing calves to warm milk. Currently heating 8 radiators and two showers in Feilding, some customer run radiators off it, and spa, and swimming pool, also heats aircraft hangers', large workshops. It can runs 24/7 and its heating is all free. 

A blue flame heater in action.

Every heater is tested before sending to its next owner.

This is the test & to burn paint off the cylinder stage so excess oil has been used.

Add the cost to your heater depending on what you're heating.

1 x coil $399.00nzd. 

Fitted in our heaters this will heat

a spa pool under three hours.

These will heat 35,000 litre pools up to around 30c

We only do one coil in these heaters now.

The Waste Oil Controller

All the heaters come with a waste oil controller unit.

these keep the heater to the temperature you are wanting, should the flame ever go out the pump stops pumping oil.

Priced $199.00nzd thought-out NZ $25.00 courier.

Freight to USA   $50.61 usd freight.

A heater I built to test a new type of blower.​  

We have this waste oil heater ready to go, $1700.00 or if you want it let me know make me an offer. It's a nice one, we have had it running yesterday and are running it today it comes with controller power adaptor etc.