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Tuesday 5 july

Posted by Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating on July 5, 2016 at 8:00 AM

I have just spent this morning checking the waste oil heater and the storage tank. Why? Just last night I notice the heat at the radiator drop to 42c quite quickly, when it had been going at around 55c most of the night, so I popped downstairs to the heater that's outside, only to find it had almost gone out, and a small pool of oil was starting to form inside the pot. That's not the normal operation of this heater, so turned it off and left it for this morning.

The oil flow had slowed enough to lower the flame to almost a lit match . However the oil still dripped out the copper tube which form that small oil pool.


I have been having trouble with the needle valve blocking just recently. So, was thinking I haven't change the 20 litre container I filter into for the last 6 years, yeah problem found, about 1/2 inch of fine sludge formed on the bottom of the 20 litre plastic container.

So grabbed another newer container, and washed it out using petrol, to make sure it's clean. Cleaned the oil lines with petrol and air compressor. So should be good for another 6 years or there abouts.

Iv'e now had it running since 2 o'clock and it's going like a new one, two and a quarter turns on the needle valve, now gives 62 Cat the radiator in the lounge, bring that freezing cold weather on.

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