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Waste Oil Heater Kit Option One


# Kit Option one.


Consists of a complete Drip Fed Water Heater.


1X Bent nose blower burner unit ready to bolt on to a 45 kg unpainted sandblasted cylinder which has door access and flue housing, which is supplied in this option.


1 x 12.7mm x 15 metres copper coil complete with 12mm brass fittings to connect to.


The unit comes with 1 x fan, 1 x fan speed controller, 240AC to 12 volt DC 5 amp power supply.


Tubing x 4 metres for oil delivery.


Waste oil controller for safe oil delivery, 1 x timer & 1 x thermostat controls, 1 x waste oil pump.


1 x Mixing bowl fire pot.


Instructions for the timer, and how to get it started.

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