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These wetbacks, coils and ladder, can be made to fit your requirements. Price will vary depending on size.

They are all pressure tested for leaks. 

We only use Sil-fos as the joining solder, which requires the copper to be red hot before the silfos will melt. It's a very solid plumbers join.

Copper coils your way, let us know what you want and we'll do our best to make it to the size you want.

Copper Coils Wetback, Made to order.

This is 15 metres of 12.7mm Refrigerating tubing. This coil is 280mm Diameter x 480mm high.

Priced at $213.64usd or  $330.00 nzd. Plus freight.

These have been built to fit inside the 18kg & 45kg heaters.


The above coil stretched out, ready to be installed in a 45 kg cylinder, the idea is each coil gets hot from the heat, rather than installing the above coil, where each coil shelters from the next. 12.7mm diameter x 15 metres.

$330.00 NZD.

12.7mm x 30 metres copper coil with double manifold to 25mm outlet and inlet with fittings.

This is going to be used to heat a 40,000 litre swimming pool.

$576.00 NZD.

Double copper coil 30 metres joint to 25mm manifold.
$597.00 NZD

This is a 7.5 metre coil built to fit over the 150mm flue to capture and wasted heat  and turn  it into hotwater going out the flue.

$175.00 incl free freight throughout NZ. No R.D address please.

We also do these in 15 metre coils @ $319.00 incl freight throughout NZ.

Contact us via email should you want one. dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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