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What's for sale in our shed.

If you don't see what you want, just ask.

We can make it for you.

Fill out the form on the home page.

There's a currently 1 x 45 kg waste oil heater sitting there ready to go.

A few blower burner units and controllers.

Just made a fresh batch of blower burner units ready to heat any home or business.

We'll add the correct fixing plate to connect to either a cylinder or a flat surface.

These are sittng instock with waste oil controllers and diffusers to go with them.

We have a brand new waste oil burner blower units sitting in stock with its waste oil controller ready to go. $595.00 NZD plus freight.

or $406.26 usd. 5 day delivery to the States freight $103.00 usd freight.

email dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

We have just cut up 12 blower units to ready assemble, they are in box steel, same size as the round, going square cuts out having to purchase multiple hole saws.

Will put an image of them on here as soon as we have oe finished and painted. 


These 45 kg heaters are our main line of heaters we build. We now have these going that well, that with our controller operates pretty well seamlessly. Most people don't have any problems.
As it stands it's, currently a heater, but if your wanting a pool heater or to heat radiators we will install copper coils to coincide with the size of your pool or your heating needs. These heaters will hold up to 1- 3 sets of coils from coil set to heat 20,000 litres - 2 x sets of coils for 40,000 litres and 3 sets of coils for 70,0000 litre pools.
1 coil sets, heaters are excellent for heating spa pools. 

We also can put two sets of coils inside to heat the pools and another 3rd set of coils for the house hotwater cylinder, When the spa is hot enough, then turn a tap so the pool gets the hotwater.  
The controllers are very important and are sold with every heater it's the only way to manage them.

Good for cow sheds and heating water for calf rearing. We have a few farmers using these for heating water.
This calves water would cost nil to heat.

We have these heating up to 48,000 litre pools with only one set of coils. 3 set heating 70,000 litre pools.

If you'd like to order your heater, just fill the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get back in touch with you asap. Or email us dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com We guarantee these run smokeless.

We have this one currently in the shed, which we are about to have the paint stripped and repaint black. Burnt very clean just using a needle valve as the controller. 

We would sell as a heater, or we can pop 30 metres of copper coils inside it to heat a swimming pool, up to 50,000 litres. I will come with normal waste oil controller and burner blower units.

The flues are our testing flues, so you would need at least one 150mm length of flue from any building demolition yard. They sell around $20.00.

The video above was pre paint.

The Rocket Stove 16/11/2018

Made to order. Always instock.

Excellent little cooker uses small sticks to feed the fire.

Great outdoors bushman stuff or take it camping.

Great Christmas Present we can even gift wrap it for you..

Weights 10 kg 150 mm box x 5 mm thick steel fire box.300 mm long x 370 mm high.

Flue is 89 x 89 mm box 2.5 mm.

Stands 500 mm high x 150 mm wide, clean burning if dry wood is used.

It will last forever.

$159.00 NZD

                                                       With all heating copper wetbacks are a huge part of heating water

Copper coils are regular build at Drip Fed.

Priced at $299.00 each

15 metres long x 12.7mm dia x 0.71mm wall thickness.

With 15mm brass fitting to connect to.


                           7.5 metres with fittings. $189.00nzd                                           30 metres built for customer requirements.$698.00nzd