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What's for sale in our shed.

We'll also look at your offers.

We have this beast currently waiting for a buyer. 21/09/2018 in stock.
As it stands it's, currently a heater, but if your after a pool heater or spa heater then this would be perfect.
It would fit a copper coil fitted to it and sandblasting before being sent to you.
The controller is made, and so is the burner blower unit.
Price is $899.00nzd as a heater $1199.00nzd with the copper coil, plus freight, currently on trademe. Which i hope doesn't sell. lol.
If you want it, just fill the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get back intouch with you asap. Or email use dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

We guarantee these run smokeless.

This has sold twice this week however there was only one instock 
We'll be building more next week for you.

The video above was pre paint.

We have only one left of these, they are a great little spa pool heater. 21/09/2018

Comes complete with waste oil controller, blower burner unit, copper coil and this one we are working on has a cooking top on it, with the flue housing set to the back of the cooktop.

Operates with ease at 400c Capable cooking steak and eggs has a 5mm thick hotplate.

Priced at $849.00nzd as a spa pool heater plus freight.

Or $549.00nzd as a heater only.

Comes now painted black and the correct 100mm flue x 2 lengths, not the 150mm flue as in this image, should you collect it.

We won't ship the flues as the freight company bends them all. Waste of time.

If your intrested please email us.

email dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

Wood fired cooktop. 21/09/2018 

This has been tested cleaned down but still has that rustic look.

Priced at $395.00 plus freight. 

email dripfedwasteoilheating@gmail.com

As wood fires are a workload and waste oil fire are like using gas should you want this is waste oil then add the blower unit to it. $299.00

I know with waste oil it will certainly burn hotter.

The Rocket Stoves. 21/09/18

Excellent little cooker uses small sticks to feed the fire.

Great outdoors bushman stuff.

Weights 10kg 150mm box x 5mm thick steel fire box.300mm long x 370mm high.

Flue is 89x89mm box 2.5 mm.

$149.00 NZD