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We ship all our products world wide, accept 45 kg cylinders.

We sell controlled, safe, clean burning waste oil heaters.
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Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far from than that with fan forced airflow 
with electronics to control the heater.
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To send the blower burner unit complete with everything which come with it, including pot, diffuser, tubing, nuts and bolts, fixing plate, hose clips, 3/4 hose tail fitting, Waste oil controller with power supplies for both fan and controller. Instructions etc,etc.

Freight North Island New Zealand tracked $45.00

Freight South Island New Zealand tracked $55.00 

Freight to NSW Australia untracked $65.00nzd Tracked $85.00 nzd.

Freight to USA or Canada $134.00 usd untracked $210.00nzd as from 19/11/2019

 Please add this freight to your orders when paying via paypal.

The fan and speed controller wired up ready to fit into you blower unit, with push in connections to connect to your power supply.

Freight to the States $19.16 usd as from 19/11/2019

NZ Wide $10.00nzd.

The waste oil controller now comes in two plastic boxes, one box has the timer pump etc, the other has a 12 volt 10 amp metal box power supply, the plug is for NZ but if using them in the states cut the plug off and re wire a american plug onto it or use an adaptor.

The power supplies runs from 85 ac to 265 ac

Freight Cost to the States $45.00usd or $70.00nzd.

The Rocket Stove                                                                                                                       Above example only

New Zealand North Island tracked $30.00

New Zealand South Island tracked $45.00