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Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far from than that with fan forced airflow 
with electronics to control the heater.
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Instructions on setting up your new waste oil heater.

Bolt the blower burner unit to the cylinder with the 4 bolts provided.

Get a 20 litre clear plastic container for your oil storage.

Connect the 10mm open plastic tube to the blower burner 3/8 copper oil line pocking out on top of the fan box. Use hose clip provided to secure.

Plug in the power test the pump and fan.

Fill the 20 litre oil container but filter it using a mitre 10 orange funnel or similar, and a kitchen sieve with the handle removed so it can sit inside the funnel.

Fill the container have rags at the ready.

Keep the filling area free from oil drips or they will be walked all around the area you are in.

Lift the container of oil higher than the pump. Start the waste oil controller. Turn on the bypass switch down on the right hand side of the box for the pump to activate. Remembering it's a 3 way switch

Wait until the oil gets to the pump then the oil storage tank can be placed on the floor stopping gravity feeding.

Keep it going until the oil reaches the pot the stop the oil flow.

Make sure the controller box is higher than the oil supply or again the oil will gravity feed and be pumped at the same giving te heater too much oil therefore creating smoke.

Put a small rag in the pot with 1/2 cup meths, or Kero or diesel and petrol mixed 80/20 and light.

Turn the oil controller on so oil start feeding into the pot three pumps approx then turn on the fan.

Your heater will roar into life getting hotter by the minute.

The thermostat has a rating up to 110 degrees C so your going to have to work out a place on the heater which won’t go over 110c possibly near the base of the heater or under the yellow tape which is on the blower pipe.

It has been factory set at around 30c so that my need to be altered to suit your situation, maybe 38c is a good starting point. To change the therm press the first button on the left to reviel the current temperature it's set at pressing the plus or minus buttons on the printed circuit board will increase or decrease the thermostat. Once the temperature has gone over your set temp, turn the thermostat switch on side of the controller box to the up position, to let it control the lower limits.

So now if the heater dropped in heat to below 30c the thermostat will turn the oil and the heater off. However the next time you go to start it you’ll need to turn the switch down so the pump will operate when you want the oil to flow but the heater is cold.

The dual timer you can be change the delay time of 3-14 seconds and a pump time of 1 second. Should you want to increase the temperature shorten the delay time, not by increasing the 1 second pump.

To do this press the middle button 3 time to get to the 6 second delay time, then press the right hand button until you get 7 seconds, then confirm by pressing the middle button once until the 7 or 6 seconds starts counting down.

Remember all the time oil is been pumped into the heater as your doing this, so either turn the thermostat switch off to stop the pump or learn it and do it bloody quickly. We have supplied a data sheet on the dual timer.

The Rule of thumb, going off our heater, the low temp is 13-14 second delay, and high is 3 second delay, but you’ll work yours out pretty quickly. Just don’t over supply the oil as it will smoke badly. Or you’ll end up with a pool of un-burnt oil in the pot rather than dry white brittle coal type ash. If this happen wait unit it cools pour that oil back through the filter and start again. Don't try and lit it.when there's a pool of oil in the pot I'll just smoke.

All the best be safe, it will teach you it’s ways by a couple of weeks. Do keep an eye on it at first you start it up because sometimes it can go out. Remeber different oil can burn better than other so you'll need to alter the timer when changing from Waste car engine oil to say Hydraulic oil. Also if your into a new batch of oil which someone has dropped off just give it a quick smell test to make sure it's not all petrol with a little bit of oil in it. And if you do smell petrol maybe to get rid of it, mix it with oil 80/20 and use it to start the heater with only. Make the container PETROL.

Thanks again.

Drip fed.