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These guys are Dairy farmers, who have had to change their direction of their business because of the Mycoplasma Boris virus. They have chosen firewood to help get them through the hard times ahead. And in a big way. The issue they had was drying the firewood they had, and they turned to use for a waste oil heater. They have 2 x 20 foot containers joint together with a 45kg waste oil heaters in a hot box, ducting the heat into these containers containing the firewood , we are hoping that three to four day heating these containers are enough to dry all the firewood. 

For small or large delivery options looks like it holds 8 cord.

They sent use a couple of video's but couldn't remove them from Whatsapp.

They had a problem with the dual timer being faulty, which we replaced and after that hiccup they are away. All the best for the further Martin & Darrel.

So if your in the South Island of New Zealand and you need dry firewood call Martin on 027 315 8605

Our fan has been upgraded to get everything degree of heat out of the waste oil heater to dry the firewood. They run it in Chernobyl mode all day , however only run it at half that during the night.