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Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far more advanced than those earlier days,
 with fan forced airflow complete with electronics to control the heater so you don't have to.
With optional Wifi for turning you heater off via a mobile.
We sell clean burning waste oil heaters.
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 drip fed waste oil heating.com 
Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far from than that with fan forced airflow 
with electronics to control the heater.
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Welcome to Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating.com
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Rocket Stoves for cooking on at the

beach or camping.

Boiled the pot of water in the video in water in 10 minutes.

Constructed out of solid 4mm thick steel.. Weighs 10.7KGs

We sell these Rocket Stoves for $149.00,

plus freight, North Island $30..00 nzd South Island $39.99 nzd


Feedback from a recent purchaser:

Hi Hamish,

Just a quick e-mail to let you know we LOVE the Rocket Stove.

We took it camping last week and cooked several camp oven meals on it.  We just fed it one piece of kindling every 3-5 minutes and it worked superbly.  It doesn't quite satisfy my firebug tendencies as I can't put a heap of wood on it, otherwise I'll burn dinner... lol!

I have attached an image of it to this e-mail.  We stayed beside a woolshed and set it up in the yards under cover.


We may venture into a few more woodfired heaters in the near further, just to have a range of produce for you to choose from.

Rocket Stove,

150x150mm box steel with 80mm Dia Flue.

Justins new Rocket Stove.