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We sell controlled, safe, clean burning waste oil heaters.
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Althought drip fed waste oil heating is still our name we are far from than that with fan forced airflow 
with electronics to control the heater.
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Welcome to Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating.com
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Basically our blower units will heat any gas cylinder, compressor tank, or 350mm pipe, or Marshal heater, Heney boiler, firebox, boiler, and do it cleanly. Also any size cylinder, as you see in the video's from 19 kg cylinders to 45 kg cylinders using the same blower unit in all.

So if you have a cylinder lying around your home then really, you have the ability to make free heating for your home, or pool etc.

All you need to do is cut a 2" square hole & fit the blower unit to the cylinder either with bolts or weld. Cut a flue outlet and a door, and there you go, free heating.

The price of this unit which comes with the waste oil controller unit is $326.70usd plus freight 134.00usd to Canada or the States.

Put a copper coil inside it, connect up the water, free hotwater. The savings are big, think no more heating or water heating bills.

These blower units are about the same price as a cord of firewood.

These heaters operate like a gas heater light it, turn off.

Using our waste oil controller for the oil delivery, light it, and pretty much forget it, until you turn it off. Which can be done via your mobile.

So free heating of anything is now available. Yes I costs to get it, but once you have it, that's where the paying out stops.

I wouldn't think, other than waste oil heaters there's any other way in offering free heating.

A customers feedback after we built him a custom blower burner unit, to fit an existing water heater, which was running with a expensive  diesel burner unit, costing alot in diesel.

Hi Jim,

Aaaaaaah the warmth. It's been running for a few days now and is excellent…less noise, less smoke, more efficient, more consistent output. Very good Hamish 10/10.

The twisted piece of pipe is great, gets the fan out if the way, and the timer/pump will be sent for when funds are allocated, we’re now discussing putting in another radiator…

Many thanks


Hello Hamish, We're just had another look at your website and had a good laugh. Seeing our 'twisted' blower unit. Now some of the fact aren't quite correct, after 5 months of constant use, often with 8 radiators and two showers going simultaneously we had to say it's fantastic 20/10.

After 40 years burning wood and sometimes coal on various water heaters in different houses this is it.

The way to go to heat a house. Anyway about the timmer. lol

Best Regards Graham.

View of the fan housing eletronic fan speed controller fitted inside the box.

The new blue blower burner units with our details, nicer more professional looking product.

These blower burner unit at designed to be fitted to a chippy heat, log fire or 45 kg Gas cylinder.

BUY NOW $346.00usd or $569.14nzd

Complete with:

Fan Box, fan, Speed Controller, heat guard, 12 volt, 240 volt power  adapter. The hole in the plate is 51mm.


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Showing it entering the pot.