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10-12 years ago, when all this waste oil heating started for home engineers, this was the smoke levels we were facing at the time, and yes it was bad, and dirty too. This was thick black smoke and it stunk, unlike the grey smoke in this image.

Grey smoke was the first stage of improvement.

We quickly learnt that waste oil could be burnt, for long hours on a litre of oil, but the smoke levels really didn't make it worthwhile pursuing. Our neighbours got a little pissed off too and we could obviously see why, as it wasn't exactly pleasant on this side of the fence either. It wasn't just the smoke, it stunk, it was nasty stuff to work with.

As hard core guys hung in there, and could see the potential in this waste product, it could be used for free heating, we had to clean up that awful smoke & smell before we could move on.

So we started building drip fed heaters which did smoked, but not as much, and with a little luck on your side the most of the heaters were pretty much smokeless, only because we managed to get the airflow correct.There was a fine line between getting the smoke levels right, and the heat output correct. It took a lot of drilling holes in fact i went through 3 drills, 3 grinders in the first year. I brought trade tools after that. 

I'm pretty sure we lived under a black cloud I had made myself, for two years until it sort of came right. Guys on youtube came forward with their marvelous steel creations that were perfect in every way, apart from the chicken shit welding. Theirs didn't smoke, yeah right.

The next step was to introduce air, compressed air worked, but the noise of the compressor running didn't. Fans were next, and did we purchaed a lot of fans, still to this day i have boxes of fans still new wrapped up, never used, as the CFPM (cubic feet per minute) was never strong enough to clear up the smoke.

I had an engineer guy wanted to join me in my quest, and he found these fans we currently using to this day, they are excellent, last 50,000 hours and clean up all the smoke.They really fired out the air, so the next stage was fan controllers as these fans would blow out the fire.

We were onto something, and we were.

Next we had to address the overheating of these heaters and make them safer for our customers, the drip fed heaters were dangerous in the wrong hands, they could turn red hot the minute you turned your back, so electronics, & pumps were introduced to control oil flow, to stop the over & under supply of oil. This made our heaters so good that we can now light it at 8am, and turn it off at 10.30pm using Wifi APP on the mobile, while in bed and never have to check it throughout the day. Brillant.

Not a good image, but explains what i was saying about over heating. The owner of this heater rang me and said he put it back in the shed after the party on the Saturday night, and noticed a rattling sound while walking with it, He forgot it came with a wetback fitted, however after inspecting it found a molten lump of copper near the bottom.
Copper melts at 1200c that's hot, so now you can see the energy available in waste oil. I have had a 45 kg heater do this in the early days and that's frightening. So it's not that it can't heat an area it's a matter of controlling it.

The video shows waste oil heating today with nothing except a heatwave exiting the flue.  

This improvement came from the help of fans, electronics, timers and oil pumps.

Clean burning. Who would have thought this was possible.